INTERVIEW: Thompson Unites L.A.'s Most Eccentric Heroes in West Coast Avengers

Hawkeye -- both of them -- loves Los Angeles.

Clint Barton called the City of Angels home for many years as the leader and a founding member of the original West Coast Avengers, while Kate Bishop got her first taste of L.A. when she took a break from her partnership with Barton and began working as a super powered P.I. She returned there to set up shop permanently in her recently completed series, which concluded with a reunion between her and Clint. So now that both Hawkeyes are back in Los Angeles, it seems only natural that they send out a call for the West Coast's mightiest heroes to assemble.

That call is answered in August's West Coast Avengers #1 by Hawkeye writer Kelly Thompson and artist Stefano Caselli. The heroes that respond to their call are an eclectic cast of friends, acquaintances -- and one obnoxious and brutally honest mutant. CBR spoke with Thompson about her cast, the appeal of writing team books, and how the series will employ a “documentary” storytelling style to chronicle the team's adventures.

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CBR: With West Coast Avengers, you're continuing Kate Bishop's California-based adventures as Hawkeye while reintroducing a fan favorite super team that hasn't been part of the Marvel Universe for a while. I've noticed a few team books in your body of work; is this type of book something that you enjoy doing, or is it something that just sort of springs out of the story you were telling in Hawkeye? Or is it a little bit of both?

Kelly Thompson: I think it’s a little bit of both for sure. I love team books, because I love that magic chemistry you can get. But I also think they can be the most complicated. Especially for someone like me that wants to jam in all the jokes all the time, which can quickly overwhelm everything – the narrative you need, the art, everything. So there’s a certain amount of restraint you need, and I hope I’m getting better at that.

But yes, Marvel really loved Hawkeye and was very supportive of it, and they all felt a West Coast Avengers spinning out of Kate’s book was a really natural fit and great timing. I obviously agree, 100%. [Laughs]

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