INTERVIEW: Josh Williamson Talks Flash War and Redefining The Rogues


Things are happening well, fast in the pages of DC Comics' The Flash. not only has Barry Allen lost his powers, he's recruited Godspeed, a former friend-turned-villain, to help him reconnect to the Speed Force while taking on a terminally ill Gorilla Grodd. Of course, this doesn't sit well with the newly-formed Flash Family, and appears to be adding fuel to the fire that will be "Flash War" once the threat of Grodd is dealt with.

CBR caught up with The Flash's Josh Williamson this year at Emerald City Comic Con. There, we got him to elaborate on his plans for the future of Barry Allen and the Wallys West, both moving into the highly anticipated "Flash War" story and beyond.

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CBR: As we're building up towards "Flash War," we've got a lot of characters on the playing field. Most notably right now, August is back and active as Godspeed. Can you talk about how that particular relationship between him and Barry is going to play out as things progress?

Josh Williamson: August is in a weird zone right now. Back during the "Cold Day in Hell" arc, he had that moment where he admitted he was wrong and he realized he had messed up, but he knows that he can't just say, "I messed up" and bounce back from it. He and Barry are going through these similar -- I don't want to use the word "redemption" for their arcs, but it's a similar feeling of guilt.


Really, since Eobard, Barry has been being a little selfish. Barry broke August out knowing that August wouldn't want to be broken out -- he wants to stay in Iron Heights -- but Barry knows that August also wants to help. There's a scene in issue #42 where August calls him out; he says, "You have people you can go to for help, but you chose me, and it's not because you think I'm the only one with speed here, it's because you know that I'm the bad friend, I'm the friend that will say 'oh, it's okay Barry,' and I'll sign off on it."

He's the enabler.

Right. But now August is going to say that he's not signing off on this. He confronts Barry for some of that stuff. That's a big part of his story. He's starting to realize what Barry really thinks of him. He trusts him, but he does see August as the bad guy. The "bad friend."

We have a lot of fun stuff planned for August -- I feel like the two of them, Barry and August, are really at the center of the story I want to tell. The really big plan I have for them and their development is all doled out in little bits and pieces. Especially once you get to the end of "Flash War" and look back through those 50 issues, hopefully you'll be able to see it all there.

Barry is at his best when he's bouncing off people, and it's really helped me develop him to have these characters with him who challenge him. August and Barry have very similar ideas, but August is all about revenge, where Barry is all about justice.

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