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This world features a group of super-powered terrorists called Bad Mask. What can you tell us about their make-up and what they want out of this alliance?

Bad Mask was founded by a communications engineer named Fredreck Caebabo. His inventions were seen to have “un-American” applications and he was shunned by the scientific community. He started Bad Mask because he felt like the world had turned their backs on him, and we wanted to create an organization that would value human ingenuity and uniqueness.

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The first wave of people that joined Bad Mask did so for similar reasons. The world turned its back on them, or they were ostracized for being different or delinquent. The more recent wave of people that are joining Bad Mask are doing so because of a hatred, specifically, for Metal Metro. Many young people that exhibit anything outside of the “norm” are labeled as “future Bad Mask agents” by society, and end up having pretty rough lives. Since Metal Metro represents the catalyst for this societal derision, young people blame Metro for their problems.

Bad Mask worries humanity is heading toward homogenization and stagnation and they see themselves as the last line of defense to protect the uniqueness of the human spirit. Their ultimate goal is to take control of the world and make it a “better place for humanity.” To do this, Bad Mask strives to infiltrate, manipulate, or undermine nearly every facet of society.

Metal Metro plans to put a stop to Bad Mask’s plans. How can this robot hope to stand against a huge organization like this?

There are three factors that make Metal Metro exceptional at stopping Bad Mask. First, Metal Metro has a seemingly endless arsenal at its disposal. It is stationed at a secret facility called Metal Island where it fabricates weapons, vehicles, mechas, etc. Metal Island is centrally located in the Pacific Ocean and allows Metal Metro to reach areas of Bad Mask activity via powerful rockets.

Second, Metal Metro uses its vast intellect and influence to predict Bad Mask activity and engage in countermeasures in the area that it believes are at risk. Metro sometimes works in tandem with other law enforcement organizations, but more often than not, it’s gathering its own data and acting independently.

Lastly, for as scary as it seems, Bad Mask is plagued, on some small scale, by the bumbling that you see in other cartoony organizations like MAD from Inspector Gadget. For all their resources, the organization isn’t perfect, and sometimes stretches itself too thin.

You mentioned some of the younger Bad Mask members joining because of their dislike for Metal Metro. Rookie Gabrielle seems to be one of those very individuals. How does her presence play into the proceedings?

Gabrielle’s best friend was killed in a battle instigated by Metal Metro, and she sees it as the source of all the heartache in her life.

Gabrielle is an Esper -- in the world of Bad Mask, Espers are super-powered humans with different abilities -- that can heal any wound, but she ages at an accelerated rate as a result. This makes Gabrielle extremely valuable to Bad Mask in the fight against Metal Metro. Her talents, powers, and anger are spotted quickly, and she is ushered through the ranks of Bad Mask quickly to participate in higher-level operations. Because hand-to-hand combat is thought to be the best way to fight Metal Metro, Gabrielle’s healing power could give her the chance to withstand Metal Metro’s power, and finally bring it down.

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