The Totally Awesome Hulk Declares War on the Marvel Universe


When Bruce Banner transformed into the Incredible Hulk, he became the strongest being the Marvel Universe -- but he also often found himself an unstoppable rage monster. For this reason, his friend and fellow super genius Amadeus Cho thought he was doing Banner a favor by taking the burden of the Hulk from the elder scientist.

Cho had a relatively happy go lucky outlook on life, which led him to believe he could control the darkness of the Hulk. And, to be fair, up until recently, his tenure as the Jade Giant has been as “Totally Awesome” as he thought it would. All it takes is one slip-up, though, and on a recent mission into space, Cho gave into his and the Hulk's dark half.

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In Incredible Hulk #714, writer Greg Park and artist Carlo Barberi kicked off a new arc titled “World War Hulk II” which saw Amadeus return from space with his dark half firmly in control. However, there is a downside to this; the Hulk's dark side seems to be capable of blending Amadeus' super genius and his gamma powered might into the ultimate weapon, and at the end of the issue, he declared war on his enemies.

CBR spoke with Pak about Amadeus' state of mind, the heroes that will oppose him, and what it's like to wrap up the story he kicked off with Amadeus back in 2015's Totally Awesome Hulk #1.

Art from Incredible Hulk #715 by Carlo Barberi, Walden Wong colorist Frank D'Armata.

CBR: So Greg, in Incredible Hulk #714 Amadeus returned to Earth, but the monster he kept in the metaphorical trunk of his psyche is now in the driver's seat. And from what we saw of him in action it's not his savagery that makes him so dangerous, but it's the way he combines Amadeus large intellect and ability to calculate things on the fly with his vast strength. Can you talk a little bit how those abilities combine and how dangerous that makes Amadeus?

Greg Pak: For much of Amadeus's tenure as the Hulk, we've played with the idea that when this incredibly smart person becomes the Hulk, his ingrained brashness becomes even more pronounced and he often does things that are a little dumber than usual. But with Amadeus's Dark Hulk personality taking over, we're seeing him calmly and efficiently use all of his big brain as well as all of his brawn, which might represent him reaching his full potential -- or him becoming the most terrifyingly monstrous version of himself there could be. Keep on reading, friends!

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