EXCLUSIVE: Gail Simone On Her Takeover of Catalyst Prime's Superheroes

Expand on that. What has been your impression of LionForge's work on this line to date from David and Carl's conception to what Joe and the many creators assembled in the first wave? What are you hoping to carry over from that launch (both in terms of ideas and creators) and what things do you want to mix up?

All of it. We want to carry over all of it. My feelings on reboots are well-known. I get why they happen, sometimes they might be necessary, but in the end, my preference is always this: Every story happened, every story counts. And Lion Forge feels strongly about that, that bond of trust with the reader.

And again, they hired people whose work I already follow. The books are a pleasure to read, the characters are fresh and smart. But it’s a sizable line now, and I know from experience it helps to have someone connecting the dots.

The promise of Catalyst Prime has always been a superhero universe that looks a lot more like our modern world in terms of diversity. What does that commitment mean to you as a storyteller? What do you think are the best ways to commit to that ethos both on and off the page?

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I feel like the answer to this is simple, hire awesome people who are looking to the future and not seventy years ago. No one loves the icon characters more than I do, but the talent pool in comics is so vast and deep now, we don’t have to settle. We can pick the best people and make the best comics, comics that we are all proud of. Comics for everybody.

Storywise, there's a wide variety of concepts in the Catalyst Prime line. There's epic heroic discovery in Summit. More grounded team work in Incidentals. Hyper-fast action in Accell. Political thriller superheroics in Superb and on and on. What are the characters or concepts that you most want to get your hands on and why?

Oh, I want the writers of the books to stay on the books and do their best work forever. But I also want to get my hands on all those characters.

There’s a way to do both.

The Catalyst Prime universe began with a big bang of sorts with the arrival of the mysterious asteroid a little over a year ago that got the ball rolling. What kind of moment, event or story are you going to crash into this universe with?

I don’t want to reveal too much, but I think we need to see the anvil that these characters are forged upon. We need them to have an unshakable force beyond their imagination.

That’s all I can say for now.

But it’s gonna kick SO much ass.

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