INTERVIEW: Gage Unites the Multiverse's Web-Slingers to Prevent a Spider-Geddon


Spider-Man's mantra of “With great power must come great responsibility” is a powerful idea, with universal appeal -- literally. That was illustrated in 2014 when Marvel's Spider-Verse event saw arachnid-themed heroes from all across the Marvel Multiverse band together to defeat the threat of the Inheritors, a monstrous family who hunted and devoured the essences of spider powered heroes. The event ended with the Inheritors safely locked away in a post-apocalyptic reality, but they still hunger for the essence of spiders. Now, after spending years locked away in their prison, they've also developed an insatiable appetite for vengeance upon the heroes who defeated them.

This October, they'll put their plan for revenge into action in Spider-Geddon, a five issueseries from Christos Gage and Jorge Molina. The mini-event brings together Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and a host of spider men and women from across the Multiverse to stop the Inheritors apocalyptic plans. CBR spoke with Gage about the book, its prequels, tie-ins, and cast which includes the title character of Insomniac Games upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man video game.

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CBR: The past several years have seen you tackling different characters in both comic books and television, but Spider-Man is someone whose world you keep coming back to. You collaborated with Dan Slott during his record breaking run, wrote several special issues and miniseries solo, and even worked as a writer on Marvel’s Spider-Manvideo game by Insomniac games. What is it about Spider-Man and his world that keeps you coming back? What do you love most about the character?

Christos Gage: It’s not one specific thing. He’s just a character that feels like home. One of the first I ever read – I still have a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #161 that I picked up when I was a wee tyke. And he’s Marvel’s everyman. He makes mistakes, he has tough times, so you feel like you can relate…but he never gives up, so he inspires you to do the same.

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You were part of the original Spider-Verse event, and you're coming back in a much larger role for Spider-Geddon. What can you tell us about the origin of this project and your role in it? How much did you collaborate with Spider-verse writer, Dan Slott, on this project?

Dan and Nick [Lowe] and I all worked together on shaping the larger story, but with Dan writing both Iron Man and Fantastic Four, I’m doing the actual writing of the issues on my own. Of course, he’s always available to me for a brainstorming session, as I am to him. But yeah, I’m driving the bus -- this out-of-control bus, populated with spider-people from all over the multiverse!

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