Esquivel Mixes Monsters, Racism and Mexican Folklore with DC Vertigo's Border Town

Let's talk about the Border Town cast. The comic stars Frank Dominquez as the new kid in Devil's Fork, AZ. While he appears to be a socially-conscious white male, we learn he is a half-Mexican who can pass as white. We also have a nazi named Blake, Julietta, Aimi and Quinteh. How did you come up with the different personalities to fill the "human" side of the comic, compared to selecting which Mexican monsters to use?

Francisco "Frank" Dominguez is our entry point character, and there are two reasons for that: One, is that he's the new kid in town. After getting suspended for fighting in his original high school in Wisconsin, his mom decided to move him across the country to live with her and her long-distance boyfriend, so he'd have a male role model.

Two, is that he's a biracial (Mexican and Irish) guy, which - theoretically, at least - gives him equal footing in both "sides" of the town's most prominent racial conflict. Frank is an angry, defensive young man. He feels like he doesn't belong anywhere and, in a lot of ways, he's right.

His first human antagonist is Blake Dixon - who isn't actually a Nazi, as you stated. He's just another angry, defensive young man. And he channels a lot of that anger at the local Latinx population. Because his dad told him to.

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In a lot of ways, they're the complete inverse of one another: Frank's life sucks because his father didn't stick around and instill a sense of community in him. Blake's life sucks because he's dad is overbearing, and instilled a sense of community loyalty in him that is so intense it causes him to hate anyone who isn't a part of it.

Frank, Blake, Aimi, Julietta, and Quinteh are all amalgamation of people I grew up with - folks who I've loved, hated, bled with, and gotten my ass kicked by.

And the monsters are all super, super well-known figures from Mexican and Southwestern American folklore that my cousins used to terrorize me with. If you're of the Latinx persuasion, seeing these figures illustrated for the first time is going to be a trip! If you're not, I look forward to sharing these creepy weirdos with you.

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