INTERVIEW: Electric Warriors Explores Kirby's DC, Legion of Super-Heroes & More

Steve Orlando is looking to fashion something brand new out of the raw ore that is the DC Universe. And this week's Electric Warriors #1 with artist Travel Foreman is where the writer hopes to unite two eras of DC history while standing on its own creatively.

"Electric Warriors is the kind of project that Dan and Jim know they could slide across the table to me and it'll just be the most exciting thing for me. The push was 'What could have happened in the DC Universe between the Great Disaster from Kamandi – one of the darkest times for earth – and the utopian society of the Legion of Super-Heroes?'" Orlando told CBR.

At the heart of this largely unexplored part of the DCU is piece of superhero tech that has united the galaxy, but may leave Earth behind. "You'll see concepts that you've never seen in the way you see [here], because everything has been changed by the Great Disaster. The world of Electric Warriors is based on the Electric Seed...this is about a technological nugget that enters into your body, interacts with your DNA and give you unique superpowers," said Orlando. "No Electric Warrior is the same, because none of us are the same. Each Electric Warrior represents their world in trial by combat. So instead of Earth and Mars going to war and billions dying, their Electric Warriors will fight so these worlds in the galaxy can live in relative peace."

But in the wake of the sentient being civil war that was Jack Kirby's classic Kamandi series, our planet still holds deep divides that complicate the concept. As the writer explained, humans freed after the Great Disaster can't agree with the talking animals tribes over who would represent our homeworld as Electric Warriors to the United Planets – an organization that will someday be the heart of the Legion.

"It's the first world in history where we've split the Electric Seed, and there are two Electric Warriors," Orlando said. "There's Warcry whose parents grew up in the wild human preserve. And then there's Deep Dweller who is the humanoid octopus. And they have to get along. They're bonded through their Electric Seed. They both have different, incredible powers. But in fact, as always happens in these stories, earth is the starting point to change. What does it really mean when one earth has two representatives? What happens when one loses and the other wins? What happens when one side of earth challenges the other? It's all going to be solved in the arena of planet Covenant. But that's the kind of stories that come with Electric Warriors – high action and high creativity."

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