With Venom, Donny Cates Promises a Lovecraftian Action Film In Comic Form

Who are some of the supporting players we'll see in your initial Venom stories?

We’ll be seeing a pretty big new supporting cast in the series. Some new, some old, and some characters that you know, but wouldn’t necessarily think of to put with Venom. I can’t say too much, but look out for issue #7 as a big moment for Eddie’s supporting cast. A big player emerges in that issue that will shock people in the way that bringing Sentry in to Doctor Strange did. That one is gonna be fun!

I'm very excited that you're collaborating with Ryan Stegman on Venom because he's a great artist and has a knack for weird and monstrous characters. What's it like working with Ryan? What do you enjoy most about his style?

EXCLUSIVE: Art from Venom #1 by Ryan Stegman and JP Mayer

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This is the best work of Ryan's career, hands down. He is coming out guns blazing on this series and you guys have no idea how crazy this is all going to get! Ryan is a Venom nut, too, and together we’ve been having so much fun. We’ve become really good friends, and talk all the time now about how to make this book sing. It really is one of the best collaborative experiences I’ve ever had on a book. We’re having a blast, and we can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve cooked up!

Finally, Venom's monstrous nature, cosmic origins, and connection to Spider-Man means you can play with a ton of different genres and take the character into many corners of the Marvel Universe. So, can you leave us with some teases about where you'd like to go with the character after the series initial arc?

EXCLUSIVE: Art from Venom #1 by Ryan Stegman and JP Mayer

Our first arc, which is called “REX,” is an enormous story. It’s scary, and cosmic, and street-level and mythic all at the same time. It’s bananas. And then our second arc is more…down to earth? It’s a more personal story for Eddie. Peeling back his layers (there’s a symbiote joke in there somewhere) to get to the heart of who Eddie really is inside. We’re playing a very long game in this series, so threads will be hinted at and pulled on throughout our first year that all lead towards something huge coming next year.

But yeah, you’re right when you say Venom kind of belongs to all of these different genres all at once. He’s a great character in that regard, because there’s just not a lot of settings you couldn’t put him in. You put Daredevil in space, and that might be a bit weird. But with Eddie and his Other -- it’s all just so weird that it works. So yeah, we’re gonna get pretty out there. I can promise that.

EXCLUSIVE: Art from Venom #1 by Ryan Stegman and JP Mayer
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