The Colors are Important, But Defenders' Action is Crucial

The action: you still have plenty of it, even though you handle a lot of the set up, and the bar's pretty high for these Marvel shows on Netflix. What was the fun of it, what was the challenge of it, as far as the action sequences?

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I think the action sequences, the fun of it was we're always trying to better ourselves in the Marvel Universe and whenever I do anything ... my next job you're always trying to do better than the one before because of that saying, you're only as good as your last job. You always want to make sure that the last thing you've done is to the best that it can be. That was incredibly exciting.

What was the challenge, but also really exciting, is that if you look at the action sequences in each of the shows, they're all quite different. I think I mentioned earlier, Daredevil is incredibly choreographed and it's almost balletic really in his moves. Whereas Jessica's incredible scrappy, she's resistant to fighting, she doesn't want to fight, so when she does fight it's incredible scrappy, messy. She makes the mark, but it isn't exactly the most seamless, beautiful, elegant way of doing it.

Luke Cage is very solid; he stands there, and the action almost happens around him because he is this solid, central figure that is bulletproof, is unbreakable. Everything comes at him, and he's almost deflecting it. And, yet, Iron Fist is this cool martial-arts-of-the-East, that type of feel. It was about, how do you then take those, and how do you then bring them together?

To see those come together in Episode 2, when you see the two come together, it was very, very exciting and challenging, because you want to stay true to each character. In the ways we filmed it, we made sure that Luke Cage was often on a static camera, or a steady camera on the dolly, so you felt his solid presence within the fight. Whereas Iron Fist has a lot move moves around him, and Jessica's often handheld and very scrappy.

You use the camera, and you help tell that story with each of the action sequences to make sure that they stay true to who the characters are. You want to try to push the envelope as well to try and make sure that you make it Defenders.

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