INTERVIEW: Dan Slott Talks Fantastic Four's Wedding Bells & Certain Doom

You've also got some big plans for Doctor Doom in 2019. When you inherited Victor he was in an interesting spot thanks to some great work by writers like Bendis and Chip Zdarsky. So, what can you tell us about your plans for Doom?

Victor von Doom is one of my favorite characters. I actually like him more than the FF! [laughs] He's one of the all-time great -- I'm not going to say villain -- adversaries. Over in Infamous, Brian showed Doom trying his best to be a hero. Then Brian was incredibly cruel to him at the end. So, we're picking up the pieces from there. And in FF #1 we showed that, in his own way, Doom is still heroic. He's just a hero for his people in Latveria.

So, his heart will be in the right place and he's still going to try to be heroic by his own rules.

That sounds like classic Doom since he's always sort of saw himself as as the hero of his own story.

Yes, but I think if you asked any citizen on the streets of Latveria who their favorite hero is, they'll tell you it's Doom. And it's not because someone is holding a gun to their head.

Right, at the end of Fantastic Four #1 you established that he liberated their country from an oppressive dictator.

Yes, so he is very much the people's hero and their beloved leader. He doesn't need to use any propaganda. People on the street honestly believe that.

Your next story also involves Galactus, who recently returned to his world devourer incarnation. What's it like returning to this classic version of Galactus? What sort of approach are you taking with the character?

The Lifebringer arc for Galactus was fun. I'm glad I got to play with it in Silver Surfer, but we all love the classics! So, I'm kind of glad it's over.

Galactus is a cosmic storm. He is a force of nature. He is the crucible that all planets must go through.

What else can you tell us about the action in this upcoming “Herald of Doom” arc that features both Galactus and Doom?

I can tell you that the story will feature an all-new Latverian character who will be very important. Her name is Victorious. We met Zora Vukovic in FF #1. She's the girl that goes up into Castle von Doom and entreats Doom to once again stand up for his people.

We talked a little bit about his work earlier, but what's it like working on this arc with Aaron Kuder? He seems like a great fit for a Galactus story since he's coming off a run on Guardians of the Galaxy and some other Marvel Cosmic titles.

It's fun! I love working with Aaron. Wait until you see the way he draws Galactus. It's epic! The depth of detail and character acting in his work is fantastic. And his comic timing is great! We have a lot of stuff going on; whether it's with Ben and Johnny, or the way Reed is getting on some people's nerves. So, we're having a good time.

Aaron can bring the pathos too. Wait until you see the wedding! It's gorgeous.

It sounds like the Fantastic Four are in for a big year. Can you leave us with some hints and teases about your larger plans for the characters in 2019?

The FF will have a role to play in War of Realms. There will also be some baddies that are going to reappear that we have not seen since John Byrne's run. So, there's a deep dive coming.

I've wanted to work on FF for years. So, there's so much stuff I've been dying to do. You'll see when we get there, but there are things that will push all your FF buttons in the right way.

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