INTERVIEW: Bunn's Original X-Men Confront Their Past, Present & Future


The time-displaced adolescent X-Men of Marvel Comics' X-Men Blue don't just fight to protect a world that fears and hates them -- they fight for a world that may not even be their own.

Ever since the team appeared to travel forward in time to the present day Marvel Universe, they've been surrounded by questions. If they are, in fact, the original X-Men of the Marvel Universe, why hasn't the history of the team changed since they're made the leap forward in history? And if they're not from the prime Marvel Universe, which of the myriad realties of the Multiverse do they hail from?

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This November, writer Cullen Bunn and artist Thony Silas will begin to tackle those very questions as they kick off a new Marvel Legacy arc in X-Men Blue #16. The story, titled “Cross Time Capers,” will send the cast into the past as well as the possible future, where they'll cross paths with several fan favorite characters from X-Men history.

CBR: In the current “Mojo Worldwide” crossover, you and Marc Guggenheim are pitting your respective X-Teams against the machinations of one of the most grotesque and unique characters in X-Men history. What's it been like writing Mojo and collaborating with Marc?

Cullen Bunn: Well, it’s certainly interesting dealing with a megalomaniac who thinks he controls all of reality through his devious television machinations.

And then there’s Mojo.

I kid, of course! Working with Marc is terrific. We both genuinely love the X-Men and their long, wild history, and we’ve had a lot of fun figuring out how this might work.

EXCLUSIVE: art from X-Men Blue #15 by Jorge Molina and Matt Milla

Mojo is a character I’ve been planning to do something with for a while now. He appeared very briefly in my Uncanny X-Men run, leading up to this story. I had in my initial notes for X-Men Blue that Mojo would be the central villain for an arc, but when we started talking about ideas for Legacy, it just made sense to bring Mojo into that.

One big developments in the "Mojo Worldwide" crossover came in X-Men Gold #14 when Cyclops revealed to Kitty Pryde that Magneto was still alive and his team was working with the Master of Magnetism. What can you tell us about how that revelation will impact the remainder of this crossover and your book moving forward?

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Well, Kitty’s not happy about Magneto being involved with the Original Five. She’s especially unhappy that the X-Men didn’t trust her enough to tell her what is going on. This revelation impacts Magneto more than anything. I think he was enjoying being “dead” for a little while. Now that the world knows he’s alive, he may not think that hiding is a viable option.

EXCLUSIVE: art from X-Men Blue #15 by Jorge Molina and Matt Milla

Another major development was the apparent death of the team's newest member, the vampiric Bloodstorm, though she could possibly return before the story is finished. What inspired you to bring this character into the book? What do you feel she adds to the group dynamic?

Bloodstorm was one of my first choices for an addition to the Original Five, but because of various moving parts, we introduced Jimmy Hudson first. One of the things that I wanted to do with this team is make sure all the members fit into a theme of sorts. They’re all “duplicates” of other characters. They’re all a little younger than their counterparts. They’re all lost, either from another time or another reality. I’ve always liked the idea of vampiric Ororo, so I thought she was a great and unexpected addition to the team.

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