Zdarsky Explains Why Marvel's Invaders Wage War Against One of Their Own

Earlier, you mentioned Bucky, and the Winter Soldier is a hero who is perhaps more comfortable with morally murky actions against enemies than Cap and the Human Torch. So, what's it like writing him in this book? Which aspects of Bucky's character are you interested in exploring?

My favorite part so far resides in the flashbacks, with the WWII Bucky befriending Namor. In the present, he’s the one digging the deepest into the mysteries of what Namor is planning.

We've talked about your cast and their opposition to each other, but how much will we see of each of their perspectives? Is Invaders a book where Cap, the Torch and Bucky are the central focus and Namor is the supporting character/antagonist? Or is this book just as much about Namor as it is about the other characters?

Part of keeping the cast relatively tight and not going too deep into the other various Invaders crews is to allow us to get into each character and their perspectives. While the story revolves around Namor, it’s about how far everyone is willing to go to save a friend when doing so could destroy nations.

Invaders continues your collaboration with artist Carlos Magno, who drew your Namor Defenders special. What's it like diving into this bigger story with Carlos? What are some of the things he's added to the book that readers might not necessarily be aware of?

Carlos is a huge find! He has a beautiful, detailed style that feels super unique. He can turn a simple action scene into a rich and textured piece of art that you could stare at forever.

Finally, Carlos isn't the only artist you're collaborating with on Invaders. I understand Butch Guice will draw the World War II-era flashbacks you alluded to earlier.

Yes, that’s my favorite part of the book! The WWII flashbacks are masterful pages filled with emotion. It’s a dream to get to work with Butch Guice.

I’m hoping people dig this book. It feels like the spiritual successor to my run on Marvel 2-In-One, focusing on family, though in this case, one formed in war. And Namor gets to really kick ass.

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