Captain Marvel's Quest for the Reality Stone Will Redefine the Hero


Travel may be good for the soul, but if you're journeying to one of the worlds that make up Marvel Comics' multiverse you're going to face some confusing (and likely lethal) challenges. Still, if you can navigate alternate realities where your heroic friends are suddenly criminals and your arch-nemesis is a person you'd never even consider, you can come back from your trip with answers about yourself... and maybe even an object of unimaginable power. In the current arc of Captain Marvel, the title character is hoping to return with both.

In “Dark Origin,” writer Margaret Stohl and artist Michele Bandini have sent Carol Danvers to a parallel world where many of her friends are hardened criminals, and heer arch-rival is the dark mirror incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy's Peter Quill. The story, which reaches it's climax in February, promises to bring Carol answers to the book's long running mystery about an enigmatic Kree child named Bean, and to bring her face to face with the all powerful Infinity Stone that can manipulate reality.

CBR: In issue #125, you kicked off the story of the recovery of the Reality Stone by taking readers to, well, a new reality. It feels like this universe has a lot in common with Star Trek's Mirror Universe in that all the heroes we've seen so far are somewhat nefarious.

Margaret Stohl: The point of all sort of sci-fi moments is, the further you go from reality, the easier it is to look at reality in a certain way. Marvel is very good about this and it's always very intentional that you really are looking at the world outside your window. So, whether or not the reader overtly keys on it, if you're not looking at the world outside your window you're actually exploring character moments.

EXCLUSIVE: Art from Captain Marvel #128 by Michele Bandini and Erick Arciniega

There are important things that Carol will learn about herself in this story, and it's kind of interesting because this is one of the funniest and most sort of out there arcs we've ever put Carol on. But It's actually sort of an important one. So it's been an interesting and really fun experience.

This journey involved whatever we wanted it to. There's a lot of humor, but ultimately you'll discover we are leading up to some big realizations and reveals.

With Carol trying to navigate this new reality, it feels like this is an arc that will require a lot of improvisation and her thinking through how she's going to accomplish something.

Yes, and the further she goes into this arc, the more “out there” it gets. When you change or sort of strip away everything Carol is used to it forces her to look at herself and see what's there and what's the same. That is an interesting theme that we will be rolling out and into an even bigger investigation of Carol's past that will kick off after this.

So, she's on the cusp of some pretty big understandings about herself. I just love that it's starting up with this really wacky set up. In this reality her nemesis is Lord Starkill, this reality's version of Peter Quill. She just can't believe he's who she's been given as a nemesis.

Starkill's crew is a carrot named Root, and Rockette is this raccoon-eyed bombshell. Gamora is pink, and Drax is scrawny. So everything has been thrown up in the air. In one sense it's all a joke, and in another it's a trigger. It's been kind of fun and weird to work with. One of my best friends is Guardians of the Galaxy writer Gerry Duggan. I see him a lot, so it was fun to sort of mess with his guys and torment him.

We have a fun team as well. My editors have just been sort of going for it all the time, which has been exciting.

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