INTERVIEW: Brisson, Rosenberg & Thompson Unite for Uncanny X-Men: Disassembled

From talking with various writers over the years I know one of the difficulties of writing Uncanny is the X-Men have such a huge cast of characters and almost each one has their own set of dedicated fans. So what's it like juggling so many characters?

Thompson:  Cast was a big one for sure, and you have to break things up into teams pretty early to make it manageable, but in an event this big, that's not really a problem as there are a lot of threads to pursue. For the most part, we've got three main teams pursuing three different threads... but it can still be unwieldy. I definitely keep a cheat sheet on my computer about who's with who and where and doing what. Although I think the most confusion we'd had so far is with X-Men transportation; it's always the battle never even imagined that kills you!

Brisson: The X-Men transportation thing has been insane. There aren't that many ships, yet keeping them straight is apparently a full time job!

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What you said about dedicated fans, we're seeing that in full force. As soon as the announcement went out, all three of us were inundated with messages begging us to use specific characters -- some of whom probably haven't been seen in decades. If we took everyone's suggestions, we'd have a team of about 300 X-Men.

I will say that we've got some big guns on the team and some second stringers that maybe don't get to be in the spotlight that often. We've also got some pretty exciting stuff with some of the younger X-Men.

Rosenberg: Are there a lot of X-Men? I hadn't noticed.

Of course, the fun aspect of having so many characters is the chance to write X-Men and dynamics you don't normally get to work with. Who are some of the characters and relationships that you don't normally get to write, but you're having especially good time tackling in Uncanny?

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Thompson: I try to elbow Matt and Ed out of the way every chance I get to write Laura [X-23] and Armor. Ed and I will probably have to be in some kind of Thunderdome situation by the end of this thing over getting to write Armor. I'm also really enjoying Iceman and his terrible, adorable jokes.

Brisson: Kelly and I are definitely always in a competition for Armor's love. Glob is in the series, and is a character I've been using a lot over in Old Man Logan. Love writing him. Northstar is one that's been pretty great. Being Canadian, I always love the opportunity to tackle Canadian characters.

Rosenberg: I have a real soft spot for Storm, Jean and Madrox. One of the relationships I'm really enjoying I can't quite talk about here, but he's fun as hell in the way he interacts with almost everyone.

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