How Generations & Legacy Turn Miles Morales' World Upside Down

Bring On the (Sinister) Bad Guys

Can you talk about the villains we'll see?

[Laughs] I can talk about Flash Thompson. He's an unbelievable dick in this issue, and it's funny because I just spent a couple years writing Flash and I really liked him. I liked Flash as the veteran and a super hero. I enjoyed writing him so much that when I went back to what a damaged asshole he was in high school and college it was like, “Oh my god!” It was this really unique experience for me to have these warm feelings towards the character and then realize I used to hate them.[Laughs]

It sounds like both Spider-Men II and your Generations one-shot are sort of the bridge to where you're headed in the Marvel Legacy era of Spider-Man.

Absolutely. People are getting a real sense of organization here. Please enjoy the fact that myself and others have given this an immense amount of thought. We've been working on these plans for over a year.

Right from Generations comes the big Legacy arc with the brand new Sinister Six. What they're after, who the Iron Spider is, all of those questions will be answered in the very first issue and all of them are a big, big deal for Miles and his personal story.

What can you tell us about the individual members of the Sinister Six, whose identities are known? I assume the Hobgoblin in the group is Roderick Kingsley, correct?

Yes! You are absolutely right. Hilariously, maybe the number one question I've been getting on Tumblr since the news got out is, “Which Hobgoblin?”

That is mama Bombshell. People who have been reading Spider-Man know there's a lot going on with Miles and Lana Baumgartner who is also Bombshell. She was part of a mother-daughter team of supervillains called the Bombshells, and we have not seen the mother since “Secret Wars.” So she made it through to the Marvel Universe.

You can also see the classic Sandman, and the new female Electro. Iron Spider is a big mystery character. The Spot is also a member. I really enjoyed writing him in Jessica Jones earlier this year, and writing him continues to be fun.

One of the great things about working at Marvel is you can be at the company for years and all of a sudden you go, “I love writing Spot!” I really, really do.

He's one of those characters who at first glance is kind of a joke, but if done right he can come off as a pretty effective and very creepy villain.

He's one of those characters like the Purple Man where if you really think about it he's terrifying.

It looks like you'll be working with two artists these next few months on Spider-Man Oscar Bazaldua and Nico Leon.

Yes. Oscar has taken over the book full time. He did the Rogue One comic for Marvel and really did a great job, but like Sara and David Marquez and Nico Leon, here is another artist where just something about Miles and his supporting cast brings out the best character acting and artist development. I think Oscar has taken a massive leap forward since he jumped on the book, and I was excited to have him on at the level he was. I've been trying to express to him without sounding like a serial killer how it's so exciting to be on a book with someone that is finding that next level.


It's happened to me a few times and I never take it for granted. I appreciate it even more now because I know how special that is

Nico Leon is doing issues #20-21 of Spider-Man and then Oscar is coming back for issue #234, which starts the Legacy numbering, but what Nico, who is returning to the book has accomplished with his two issues is wonderful. I can't wait for people to see them.

Nico came up with a great idea and I want to make sure he gets the credit for it. In this storyline, which is pretty important to Miles' overall story, Miles runs away from his life and goes somewhere else. Most of the story is told narratively as a series of texts between Miles and Ganke. It was after he finished the pages that Nico decided what the icons would be for everyone's texts and drew them all. Everything about them is adorable, brilliant, and hilarious. They really add to the writing in every conceivable way. That's what collaboration is all about. Nico had this great idea and executed it perfectly.

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