INTERVIEW: Avengers: No Surrender's Writers Set the Stage for an Epic Conclusion

There were a lot of poignant moments in issue #688, but they were made extra emotional and cool for me because they're sort of culminations and pay offs from threads you set up and developed in your respective Avengers books; Avengers, Uncanny Avengers and U.S. Avengers. So what was it like saying goodbye to characters like Sam Wilson, Toni Ho, Sunspot and Quicksilver, heroes you've been writing for a while? Are there any characters in particular you find yourself missing?

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Waid: I will miss writing Sam Wilson. I have a soft spot in my heart for legacy heroes, and Sam was more than capable as Captain America. The only thing about Sam I won't miss is trying to figure out some way to get that damn bird, Redwing (the Aqualad of the Avengers), into every story (kidding! kidding! mostly kidding). (You'll notice he was on "extended leave" here. Let's assume it was his job to guard the wreckage of the mansion.)

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Ewing: As soon as I stopped writing the last bits of dialogue for Toni, Aikku, Roberto, Miguel, Simon - and the list goes on - I had about a thousand ideas for new stories. None of these ideas really fit into the Immortal Hulk - I have special mad ideas for that, which I'm actively working on -- but I am missing the gang and hoping I can get at least a couple of these big crazy notions that won't leave me alone out of my skull and onto a page somewhere, somehow...

Zub: I have so much love for the supernatural side of comics, so Scarlet Witch and Doctor Voodoo are two characters I'm definitely missing as we bring this wild ride to the finish line.

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Finally, there's just two more chapters left in “No Surrender.” Any hints or teases you can leave readers with about Avengers #689-#690?

Waid: One does not simply place the Earth back into its natural orbit without sacrifice, without effort -- and without a very subtle nod to an old issue of Giant-Size Defenders.

Ewing: It's subtle, all right -- I had to go back and read that issue of GSD to work out what the nod was! But yes, there are some similarities there. One character will end their arc with a very big payoff, and -- in my humble opinion -- one of the most solidly badass moments in years. Oh -- and Bruce and Clint are going to have that talk we've been foreshadowing...

Zub: Next issue has massive action, a gamble like no other, and the most potent magic words in the Marvel Universe. Nuff said.

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