INTERVIEW: Avengers: No Surrender's Writers Set the Stage for an Epic Conclusion


WARNING: This interview contains major spoilers for Avengers #688, on sale now.

Marvel Comics Avengers have sworn an oath to defend the Earth, so when a threat arises that could conquer or destroy the planet they come together to make life saving choices and sacrifices. In Avengers #688, the latest chapter in the current 16-part “No Surrender” epic, writers Al Ewing, Jim Zub and Mark Waid, and artists Kim Jacinto and Stefano Caselli, show Earth's Mightiest Heroes doing all that -- and more.

In the issue, the contest between the Elders of the Universe known as the Grandmaster and the Challenger spirals out of control, putting their “game board,” a stolen Earth, in dire peril. This causes Quicksilver to literally chase down a lead on freeing the heroes and villains of Earth that had been frozen by the Grandmaster. The mutant heroes instincts are correct, and every Avenger is now able to participate in the final battle for Earth -- but that victory seemingly came at the cost of Quicksilver's life. Or did it? The issue also saw the Grandmaster's daughter Voyager start acting like the hero she had pretended to be, aiding the Avengers in shutting down her father's plans for Earth.

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CBR spoke with Ewing, Zub and Waid about Voyager's choices, Quicksilver's sacrifice and where the the Avengers' speedster will next appear. We also discuss bringing Captain America back for the final battle, and which cast members from their respective Avengers books they miss writing the most.

CBR: So guys, I wanted to start off by chatting about Quicksilver. He's had a pretty sizable arc throughout "No Surrender" and who played a big role in Avengers #688. What can you tell us about his role in this story? Was it always going to be this big?

EXCLUSIVE: Art from Avengers #689

Jim Zub: Quicksilver's development started on this path back in Uncanny Avengers, carries on through “No Surrender,” and will build to something extra special in the Quicksilver solo series being written by Saladin Ahmed.

The way these heroes show us what they're capable of is by putting them through difficulties and testing their limits, both with their powers and their personalities. I wanted to show Pietro's full range, his selfishness and self-righteousness as well as his intense courage and understanding of self sacrifice. I like that he's a character of extremes in that way.

How connected is Ahmed and Eric Nguyen's Quicksilver mini to the remaining chapters of "No Surrender?" Is it a tie-in in the traditional sense, or more of a character focused book that sprung from the story you guys have told?

Zub: Saladin is crafting a Quicksilver story that builds on what we wrote in “No Surrender,” but new readers will be (forgive the pun) brought up to speed on his current situation. That said, I think people who have been following along since Uncanny Avengers will get the broadest and best view of who Pietro is, and why he's one of Marvel's most underrated heroes.

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