INTERVIEW: Arrow's Prometheus On His Vendetta Against Oliver Queen

"Arrow" recently revealed the identity of this season’s major villain, Prometheus, to be none other than Adrian Chase, aka Star City’s district attorney. It turns out, Chase has been harboring a personal vendetta against Oliver Queen since the Hood killed someone close to him. Over time, Chase earned Oliver’s respect and trust, all while collecting intel on the the young mayor's inner circle.

Throughout the season, Prometheus/Chase’s attacks kept intensifying and becoming more and more personal. In his determination to destroy Oliver, Prometheus went so far as to kidnap Green Arrow's girlfriend, Susan, determined to make Oliver suffer as much as he has.

Ahead of the next stage of Prometheus' master plan, CBR spoke with actor Josh Segarra about what he feels makes his bad guy tick, and his plans for Oliver Queen and Team Arrow.

CBR: Prometheus went to great lengths to keep his identity a secret. What does he gain by revealing it to Oliver now?

Josh Segarra: I don’t know if he necessarily planned to reveal it to Oliver, and I really don’t know the answer to that. I do know he wanted to make sure that when his identity was revealed, that every piece was in place. That’s what mattered to him, just going, “Okay. I’m going to make sure that this happens and this happens because at some point, they are going to figure out who I am. Cool. When that happens, I’m going to make sure all they can do is come and try me. At that point, let’s go. All the pieces are in place.”

Why does Prometheus seem feel psychological warfare is more effective than physical pain?

Because the heart is a vulnerable thing, right? That’s one piece that you see played with Susan. Why does Chase kidnap Susan? Because he knows that she matters to Oliver. He knows that Oliver cares about her, so Chase knows he can get to the heart.

And, let’s state the obvious thing here, too. We're all fans of the show. We are all fans of Oliver Queen and of Stephen [Amell]. That guy is a beast. He’s fast and strong. I would not mess with that guy on a rainy day. I’m happy that he’s on my team. So, when it comes to Chase and Oliver, I quickly realized, “We’re going to be able to come back in these costumes, but what matters is the chess game that we are going to play. That’s where you know you can win, right? That’s where you at least have a chance.” That’s where Chase knows he can get this guy. He wants to watch the world around Oliver crumble. That’s what matters. Not necessarily killing him, although that’s definitely in the back of Chase’s brain somewhere.

What matters to Chase is to make Oliver see what his world is through Chases’ eyes, of course, having his father killed by the Green Arrow. He’s trying to make it clear. He’s saying, “I’m going to burn everything around you, and you're just going to have to watch it.”

What is Chase’s feelings towards the rest of Team Arrow? Are they a means to an end, collateral damage?

What’s been fun to watch is their chemistry build, to watch the team assemble. Chase is watching the team and he’s going, “Oh, okay. I know that Diggle matters. I know that Felicity matters. But now we have this guy Wild Dog. Oh, we’ve got this new Black Canary. Interesting. We’ve got Ragman.” He’s starting to piece these things together, all pieces that matter because they matter to Oliver.

I love the scenes when I get in a room with Thea and Oliver, because it’s his sister. I love my sister in real life. She’s a very important woman in my life. So to watch these moments, where now you know who this guy is – and he’s been so close to them. He’s been in their trust circle. Chase has been looking at all the people in Oliver’s life that matter and he knows that he’s going to use those pieces along the way.

Where does Evelyn fit into Chase’s masterplan?

I’ve always been fascinated with watching Prometheus and you wonder, “Who’s that guy? Who’s the guy behind the mask?” Now you know it’s Chase, but you're wondering, “Who’s the guy behind the suit? Now that you know what he’s been doing this whole time, who’s the guy behind the suit?”

Then you see he has a relationship with Evelyn. You wonder, too, “Where does she fit into all of this?” To be honest with you, I don’t have a great answer to that. I can tell you what me and Madison [McLaughlin] have done along the way, which is, Chase is a chess player. At the end of the day, he’s still in control of each situation. He still knows this could result in two to three different ways, but he’s going to be ready for each one.

Madison is coming at it from her way, so I can’t answer for her. I know the relationship that he has is a pointed relationship. There’s a reason for it. Evelyn has a great skill set that I can use in my masterplan. To Chase, she’s a piece of that puzzle that he knows he’s lucky to have, and lucky that she’s partaking in it.

How much will audiences learn about Chase’s history and how he became Prometheus?

I hope a lot. I hope you get to find out more of how this guy came to be. You’ve met his wife. You know that he has a wife and a family. You wonder how that plays in. These are all things that I hope people can see this week, and next week, and the week after. We are going to start seeing who Chase is. I know him very well, so I’m excited for you guys to get to know what drives him.

Prometheus manipulated Oliver into killing Felicity’s boyfriend. Ever since then, she’s been hellbent on taking him down. Can viewers expect some kind of confrontation between the two?

I hope so. Let me tell you the real-life answer: We haven’t had any interactions between Chase and Felicity. You haven’t seen too many interactions outside of the ones with Diggle and Chase. I love those scenes inside the prison where I got to help him.

The real-life answer is, yeah, I sure hope so because Emily [Bett Rickards] is the bomb. She brings such a great color to the show. Felicity is such a cool character. I’m excited to see how they are finally going to bring Chase and Felicity together. I’m very excited about that. The scenes I’ve done with Paul Blackthorne, watching Lance and Chase, are cool energies to balance out on screen. I want to act with everybody on the show.

The synopsis for the following episode, “Kapiushon,” states “Prometheus goes to great lengths to break Oliver.” How does he ramp up his efforts?

When Chase discovers Oliver knows who he is, there’s a relief in him. “Good, we’re past that. Now, you know what I’m doing here. Great. Let’s wrestle.” With that relief comes liberation and when you see this man get liberated, he does ramp things up. You are going to see exactly how. I hate to give you that vanilla answer, but it’s the truth. You are going to see the other side of this man. I’ve been waiting to peel that top off a little bit, juts to show a different color. It’s going to happen soon. I promise. You are going to see him ramp up the efforts.

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