Interplanetary Guerilla Warfare: A Preview of Warren Ellis' 'Switchblade Honey'

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"Switchblade Honey"

Larry Young of AiT/Planet Lar fame has sent CBR News a special preview of Warren Ellis' forthcoming graphic novel, "Switchblade Honey."

"One day I got an e-mail from Warren," Young told CBR News on Thursday, "That said, in its entirety, 'Dirty Dozen in space.' I wrote back, 'OK.' He wrote, 'Artist?' I replied, 'Brandon McKinney?' and then Warren sent the script.

"Someday, all comics will be made this way."

For (a few) more details on "Switchblade Honey," click on Forthcoming under Writings at WarrenEllis.com.

"Switchblade Honey" is scheduled to hit stores the first week of July. The graphic novel's design is by Brian Wood and lettering and book design are by Ryan Yount and Whiskey Island.

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