International Outfitters Creates CrossGen Clothes

Official Press Release

With summer upon us, it's time to break out your favorite T-shirts...andCrossGen has you covered! International Outfitters Direct, one of thelargest suppliers of brand wear in the world, will now be creating allCrossGen Apparel for fans of Arwyn, Simon Archard and the rest of CrossGen'sheroic characters.

"International Outfitters have taken our previously existing catalog ofapparel, resourced every item - right down to the colors and sizes wepreviously offered - and will even be adding new and updated items to themix," stated CrossGen Senior VP of Business Development Tony Panaccio."International Outfitters offers name-brand clothing that can be matchedwith their new 'Laser Embroidery' decoration process, which makes it easy tomatch the items of your choice with your favorite CrossGen logos."

"International Outfitters is working with us daily to update and upgradeeverything we offer on the site, and they are working to lower prices, aswell," added Panaccio. "Customer satisfaction is their first task, and theyhave really stepped up to the plate to ensure that they represent CrossGenwell. In addition, they are also building more roads between CrossGen andmainstream retail customers with a variety of new products we hope to unveilover the coming year."

From golf shirts to hats to backpacks, CrossGen Apparel can now be orderedvia the CrossGen website at http://crossgen.icobb.com/ and also through alink on the main page at crossgen.com.

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