International Comic Arts Festival & Library of Congress Join Forces in 2005

Official Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The International Comic Arts Festival (ICAF) isproud to announce it will hold its tenth anniversary conference at theLibrary of Congress in 2005.

ICAF is an international summit for scholars, creators, andenthusiasts of comics and cartoon art. The three-day event includesacademic papers, chalk talks by distinguished cartoonists, andlectures by scholars from around the globe. While ICAF has been heldin the Washington, D.C. area since its inception in 1995, ICAF 2005marks the first time ICAF has joined with the Library of Congress.

ICAF 2005 will take place from Thursday, October 13 through Saturday,October 15, at the James Madison Building of the Library of Congress,with the generous support of the Library's Prints and PhotographsDivision and the Caroline and Erwin Swann Foundation for Caricatureand Cartoon. The Swann Foundation, administered by the Library ofCongress, supports the study, interpretation, preservation andappreciation of cartoon art from around the world, and has frequentlysponsored lectures and exhibits related to comics. (For more on theSwann Foundation, please consult its Web site.

"We're very excited about holding ICAF at the Library of Congress, andgrateful for the support of the Library and the Swann Foundation,"says ICAF Chair Charles Hatfield. "Working with the Library gives us arare opportunity to encourage the serious study of comics andcartooning. The Swann Foundation is a perfect partner, and the Librarythe perfect place to bring together scholars and the general public –a historic venue known for its great collections and its support ofimportant research, not to mention its beauty and its great location."

Dr. Jeremy Adamson, chief of the Library of Congress Prints andPhotographs Division, notes, "Few people realize that the Library ishome to one of the world's great collections of original cartoon art,encompassing virtually the entire history and scope of comics. Recognizing the scholarly significance of cartoons as potent vehiclesof social and political commentary, and spontaneous expressions ofcontemporary fashion, values, and attitudes, we are pleased to supportICAF 2005."

ICAF is currently in the process of soliciting paper proposals andinviting distinguished guests for 2005. Please see the Call for Paperson the ICAF homepage for more information.

ABOUT THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CARTOON COLLECTIONSThe Library of Congress houses the Caroline and Erwin Swann Foundationfor Caricature and Cartoon, the Swann Gallery, and one of the world'smost extensive and diverse collections of comic strips, comic books,and cartoon drawings. Learn more about the Library's cartoon-relatedcollections at their official Web site.

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