'Interheroes' peers inside the stylish homes of superheroes

We've seen Wayne Manor, the Baxter Building and Tony Stark's many bachelor pads depicted in countless Marvel and DC comic books over the decades. However, in "Interheroes," illustrator and architect Federico Babina offers a look at the stylish homes of superheroes if they were decorated to reflect their costumed identities.

Spider-Man, for instance, opts for a red-and-blue color scheme with a webbed chair that's as unique as it undoubtedly is comfortable, while Batman opts for spartan utility over luxury in his decidedly subterranean-looking digs. (Interestingly, all of the superheroes opt for a very modern, minimal approach to home decor.)

My favorite, however, is the Fantastic Four's, which reflects each of the members: The Thing in the wall, the Human Torch in the fireplace, Mister Fantastic in the chair, and the Invisible Woman in the floor lamp.

See all of the illustrations on Babina's website. You can purchase prints of "Interheroes" at society6.

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