Interesting New How-To Guide to Drawing Comic Characters

The 21 Draw Art Project has a new book looking for funding today on IndieGogo that seemed interesting to me, so I figured I'd feature it here.

Essentially, it's a reference guide for drawing comic characters aspiring artists, with famous artists like Steve Rude and Ariel Olivetti supplying examples of different types of characters and then supplying explicit details for each of the characters. You know, front shots, back shots, side shots, details on hand gestures, facial expressions, etc.

The variety of different art styles is very important, as you're bound to find an artists whose style is similar to your own so that they would be the most help to you.


It seems like a very useful book that I Figured a bunch of artists out there would be interested in, so if you're one of those people, check out their IndieGogo listing here. They just went live with funding of their project.

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