Interesting Kevin Huizenga News

Reader Owen sent me a link to where Kevin Huizenga announced that he is done with Or Else (Less than a month ago, in an interview with Brian Heater, Huizenga mentioned that Or Else #6 was half-done and soon to be released, but instead, the issue will not be released).

I'd say this was sad news except, I dunno, if he is still going to do comics and zines (and he says that he is), does it really matter if he does Or Else exactly?

One of the great things about Huizenga is how different his works are, even within the pages of Or Else itself he tried a bunch of different story ideas, so if he keeps doing different comics and zines, does this matter?


That's not rhetorical, by the way, I'm really curious if others feel that losing Or Else has some particular significance.

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