Forget Thumbtacks - Indy Wrestlers Are Now Having LEGO Deathmatches


Wrestling hasn't been the same since the advent of hardcore. In the '90s, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley broke the mold when he popularized the use of thumbtacks in Japanese deathmatches and his infamous Hell in a Cell match from 1998.

The indie wrestlers and new stars, such as TNA's Abyss, carried on the practice into the 2000s. At the same time, something else took root: Indie promotions were getting crazier and bloodier, while others got downright cartoony. Enter Inter Species Wrestling and its new twist on thumbtack spots and deathmatches.

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The Northeastern promotion, which runs "from Canada to Connecticut," dubs themselves the "kings of crazy," and as such raises the stakes in terms of craziness. One of its signature matches is the Fans Bring the LEGO Deathmatch, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Fans are invited to bring bags of LEGOs and wrestlers slam opponents on them or throw them. Mayhem, and a ring scattered with the tiny jagged pieces, often results. The Lego Deathmatch is advertised as a fixture of Inter Species events Slamtasia and the more recent, sardonically named, Boner Jam IV.

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In business for 15 years and based in Canada, Inter Species Wrestling claims on Facebook to be the "neutral battleground where sea creatures, gamers, zombies and terrorist cows battle for supremacy." ISW's next show is this July in Quebec.

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