Instructional Video company donates sales to Emergency Relief Funds

Official Press Release

Dallas - An American Dreams Inc, will donate 100% of its sales profits from Oct 22-Nov 22 of its Art Instructional Videos sales to the 9-11 Emergency Relief Fund available at http://www.ArtOfTheMakina.com.

"We all want to help in anyway we can to support this massive effort. Every month we will try different methods to raise money for the victim's families. This month we are donating all our profits from our Instructional video sales, next month we will make available original Art Work from J.Khan including the Frankenstein Concept Sketches. Our Goal is to raise $500,000 dollars for the 9-11 relief fund in the next few months. We hope people will get the word out about our efforts and donate" said Noman Khan, CEO for An American Dreams Inc.

An American Dreams Inc, has offices in Connecticut and Dallas. The Khan brothers founded An American Dreams, Inc in 1997. The company was created to make available Advance Art Instructional Videos for Artists using Accelerated-learning Techniques at http://www.ArtOfTheMakina.com. Future company Projects include 'Master Anatomy' Instructional videos and 'Merry Shelly's Frankenstein' Adapted & Illustrated by J.Khan. The 'Art of the Makina' instructional Videos have appeared in 'Heavy Metal' Magazine and 'Draw!' from (Tomorrow Publishing).

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