Insight Studios Group names Diamond as Bookstore Distributor

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Insight Studios Group and Diamond Book Distributors have reached an agreement naming Diamond the exclusive U.S. and non-exclusive worldwide distributor of the publisher's English-language graphic novels to the bookstore, library, warehouse club, mass merchandise, and specialty markets. The deal allows Insight Studios to continue selling its products through certain other specialty market venues.

The Baltimore, MD-based Insight Studios Group is a collective of some of the most respected creators in comics, including founder Mark Wheatley (Breathtaker), Allan Gross (Tarzan), and Marc Hempel (Gregory), who together have been nominated for multiple Eisner, Harvey, Inkpot, and Speakeasy Awards, as well as other prestigious honors. Best-selling titles available from the publisher include Hammer of the Gods, Gray Morrow: Visionary, and IS Art: The Art of Insight Studios.

"Insight Studios' commitment to quality shines through in everything it offers," said Diamond Vice President of Purchasing Bill Schanes, "resulting in a slate of titles with plenty of mass market appeal."

"We've long had a good working relationship with Diamond and the new book sales division is their most fully developed program yet. Insight gets phone calls from libraries and bookstore chains asking for our books and personal appearances by our artists and writers on a regular basis. This is perfect timing for Insight Studios and Diamond to take advantage of the growing public interest in graphic novels," said Wheatley.

Diamond's Sales Team will begin working with bookstores, book wholesalers, warehouse clubs, mass merchandisers, and libraries to place Insight Studios' graphic novels across the country. "Wheatley and his collaborators at Insight have a firm grasp on the nuances of comics craftsmanship," Schanes added, "and their titles are sure to be in high demand with mainstream and specialty market consumers alike."

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