Inside the Comics Creator's Studio Updae for Monday Night in NYC

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The INSIDE THE COMICS CREATORS' STUDIO seminar series, moderated by DANNY FINGEROTH, will, with some slight schedule modifications, still be held at New York's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA), as part of the "MoCCA Mondays" programming. The seminar series is no longer offered as a course by NYU. (Fingeroth's other NYU courses, and Peter Sanderson's Comics as Literature course, are still NYU offerings. You can contact NYU at www.scps.nyu.edu/ or by phone at: 212-998-7200 or 888-998-7204)

Tickets for individual INSIDE THE COMICS CREATORS' STUDIO sessions are available at MoCCA. The price for each session is $15.00 ($12.00 for MoCCA members).

The premiere session, this Monday night, February 7th, will feature JAMAL IGLE, artist on DC's FIRESTORM, whose other credits include GREEN LANTERN and the DAREDEVIL/SHI crossover.

BILL SIENKIEWICZ, who had originally been scheduled as the guest for the session, has been rescheduled for Monday night May 2nd.

There will now be a total of seven INSIDE THE COMICS CREATORS' STUDIO sessions, held on alternate Mondays. MoCCA will offer other exciting programming on the Monday nights when there is no INSIDE THE COMICS CREATORS' STUDIO session scheduled. Contact MoCCA at 212-254-3511 for details.

The amended schedule is as follows:


Alternate Monday nights 6:30-8:30 pm, beginning Feb, 7


This bi-weekly Monday night seminar series-held at New York's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA)-features presentations by, and interviews with, prominent comics creators, followed by Q & A with the audience. Tickets for individual seminars are $15.00 ($12.00 for MoCCA members). Contact MoCCA at 212-254-3511 for details and for information about the other "MoCCA Mondays" offerings.

The lineup for the semester is:

Feb 7: JAMAL IGLE (Firestorm, Green Lantern)

Feb. 21: MICHAEL AVON OEMING (Powers, The Saga of Beta Ray Bill)

March 7: JOE QUESADA (Marvel Editor-in-Chief)

March 21: TOM DeFALCO (Spider-Girl, Thunderstrike)

April 4: PETER DAVID (Incredible Hulk, Star Trek)

April 18: JOEY CAVALIERI (Editor of Flash and Bizarro)

May 2: BILL SIENKIEWICZ (Stray Toasters, Elektra Assassin)

MoCCA is located at:


(Between Houston and Prince)


NEW YORK, NY 10012

Ph: 212-254-3511

Moderator DANNY FINGEROTH, longtime Marvel Comics writer and editor of Spider-Man and many other comics, is editor-in-chief of WRITE NOW magazine, the premier publication about writing comics, and author of SUPERMAN ON THE COUCH: WHAT SUPERHEROES REALLY TELL US ABOUT OURSELVES AND OUR SOCIETY (Continuum). He teaches Comics and Graphic Novel writing at New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

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