Inside Henry Flint's mind: A preview of his artbook <i>Broadcast</i>

Earlier this week on Food or Comics I talked about the then-upcoming Henry Flint artbook, Broadcast: The TV Doodles of Henry Flint, was coming out this week. Although my shop didn't carry it and I've since ordered it from Amazon, the book's publisher Markosia was kind enough to send us a few pages from the book to more fully understand it.

In case you're unaware of Henry Flint's work, let me run it down for you. Flint is a British artist who's most frequently seen in the pages of the British comic anthology weekly 2000AD. For American audiences, you might remember him on two recent DC Series -- 20006's Omega Men or 2009's The Haunted Tank relaunch. More recently he's popped up doing the final issue of the Gears Of War comic series as well as an issue of Fear Itself: Fearsome Four.

For those expecting to see the measured lines that Henry Flint's known for in his comics in this artbook, this isn't it. Broadcast is a collection of art from him blowing off steam. As the book describes it, it's "Henry Flint unplugged, off the leash, out of control." It's interesting to see what an artist will draw when he's not doing it for work; it gives you a picture inside their mind and what comes out of their drawing hand. Here's some samples from his art book:

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