InkwellRelief.Com Launches Huge Katrina Auctions on Monday

Fans are used to reading about superheroes in comic books by their favorite creators, but now those same creators are giving fans an opportunity to be heroes themselves, by helping with relief efforts in New Orleans. Yesterday, InkWellRelief.Com went live, promising some exciting auctions for comic fans in the hopes of raising money to help the Hurricane Katrina victims. Some of the highlights include Michael Avon Oeming's original cover art for "Powers #1" and a special Stan Lee Spider-Man script, meant for a Spider-Man movie that never materialized.

Marvel Entertainment EIC Joe Quesada wrote, "What has been left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina defies words and or explanation. It would be ridiculous for me to try to convince anyone that I remotely understand what it is that the victims are going through, but as a New Yorker who lived through 9-11 I believe that in some small way I can relate. What is wholly obvious is that these are Americans in need, people in need, and like all of America and the world, we're all searching for our own way of helping.

"That's what Inkwell is all about.

"The comic's industry is compiled of some of the most caring and talented people I have ever come across in my lifetime. It's also comprised of some of the most passionate fans of any medium. It's because of this that the comic's creative community has mobilized itself in an effort to raise some much need money for the Red Cross and perhaps help in some small way with the ongoing rescue and humanitarian efforts that are dominating our lives currently. As comic's creators and fans we spend a very large portion of our lives telling or reading the stories of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things under extraordinary circumstances and at the end of the day, triumphing over evil or adversity. Inkwell intends to take that simple idea and make it a reality.

"I'd like to take this moment to thank all of the great creators who have come together to form inkwell and given so much of their art and time. I also want to thank George Beliard, Nanci Quesada, Vladimir Fiks, Terry Maltos, Chris Eliopulos and Kwan Chang. I also want to send out a huge hug of thanks to my editorial crew at Marvel who also helped reaching out to the creative community.

"And finally I want to thank all of you who have been reading this and who will hopefully partake in our amazing auction beginning this Monday, September 12 at 9:00 pm.

"Every one of us has a super hero living inside of them, perhaps if we all leap off the precipice and take flight together we'll be able to make a dent and help in some small way.

"See ya in the funnybooks,

"Joe Quesada"

Additionally, Oeming sent out this message to fans:

"In response to the horrible catastrophe that is the Katrina hurricane- I am donating to two major fund raising events and will be donating three major pieces of art.

"One is the 'Powers #1 Cover,' drawn in 1998. This is the first 'Powers' image EVER. I was saving this for myself in a box I was calling 'retirement art.' But it is needed now, others need it more than I. I will be putting a strong reserve price on it that I will pay if it is not matched. More info to come on this as this is part of a huge auction that is being organized.

"Also is the 'Powers #13 Cover' the auction in under way NOW- go here- and click on ART The Bendis Board Charity Auction. This is currently my favorite cover I've ever drawn for Powers. Black and white 11x17

"Following on the Bendis Board Charity Auction will be my Conan Painting that was also used in Powers as GORA. The Image attached, its in watercolor 11X17

"In the following weeks, more art will be going up, but these are the major pieces. If the prices get high, remember this is for a charity, and the art you'll receive is simply a small thanks of a much large good we are doing together. If you cannot afford to bid on this art, remember more lower priced pages will come, or you can simply donate to the Red Cross and such.

"Count your blessings, I'm counting mine.


"Take Care

"Mike Avon Oeming"

Please check out Inkwell Relief's Web site and get ready to bid on Monday- it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to help save lives and get some cool swag at the same time.

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