Inkwell Relief Auction Update

[Note: Joe Quesada sent out the following update this past weekend.]

Official Press Release

Hi, everyone!

The inkwell auctions enter their last wave tonight, and the response from fan and pro alike has been staggering. Thank you one and all! Those of you following the site closely, we threw a few surprises at you to keep things lively (the unannounced John Romita Jr. Spidey cover, the Alex Ross painted Paradise X cover (just up last night!). There were some great pieces you knew were coming, like Jim Lee's Batman, Greg Horn's Elektra, art from Joe, Andy, AND Adam Kubert just to name a few. Many of the industry's writers representin', too.... scripts from Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman (the final Sandman script? Too cool!), Allan Heinberg, Frank Tieri; autographed rare and out-of-print books Brian Bendis, Jeph Loeb, and Greg Pak.


And don't forget tonight, besides all the great art and collectibles to come, we will be starting the bidding on The Spider-Man Movie script by Stan "The Man" Lee!!! Few, if any, could claim to have brought comics more into the public eye than Stan. One of the most recognized and celebrated comic creators ever, Stan is to many the face of comics to this day.

This is possibly the most historic item we'll have going out. The only time Stan will make a copy of this script. He'll personalize it to the winner, and just think NO ONE else will have a copy. Just YOU and STAN. If that isn't enough to give you goosebumps, you're not breathing!


Stop by the site, http://www.inkwellrelief.com and click on the auction link to get started. Remember, this auction's proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to assist the survivors of Katrina. The ongoing process of rebuilding the Gulf Coast will be a long and difficult one. But these people WILL bounce back; let's give them a helping hand to speed them on their way.

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