Inkwell Raises over $70k for Katrina Relief

[Editor's Note: The following was received by e-mail today from Joe Quesada regarding the InkwellRelief.com charity auction.]

After nearly a month of hard work, a couple of technical glitches and two weeks worth of wild auctioning, the comic's industry once again proves that when it comes together, it's unstoppable.

Thanks to the donations of countless artist as well separate cash donations by Neal Adams, Mark Andreyko and Jim Lee, the Inkwell Katrina relief auctions raised a grand total of…

wait for it…

drum roll please…


There really isn't much more to say other than thanks to all of the great talents that participated, to all who gave so much and joined our auction, to everyone who gave us press and web links and to Kwan Chang, Chris Eliopulos, Vladamir Fiks Terry Maltos for making it all possible. And in the world of thanks, I don't think that there are enough words of gratitude for the work that George Beliard and my wife Nanci Quesada have done over these last few weeks. Thanks guys for the countless of hours and sleepless nights you both put into this.

Katrina was a horror we hope we never see the likes of again, or perhaps at least, we will be better prepared for in the future. But, because life is filled with uncertainties, we will be keeping the Inkwell website alive. May we never have to use it for something this tragic ever again.

See ya in the funnybooks,


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