5 Injustice Moments We Wish Were Canon (& 5 We Glad Aren’t)

Since its release in 2013, the story of Injustice: Gods Among Us has generated an incredible amount of merchandise, storylines, characters, and moments that just wouldn’t work on Earth-0. Like many things in life, Injustice has its fair share of good and bad moments, and some we wouldn’t mind becoming canon, while others must never see the light of day again. There are hundreds of these moments throughout the series, so it was hard to boil it down to just ten. Let us know if we included your favorites, or what you think deserved to be on the list.

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10 Wish It Was: Damian Wayne's Time Trial

For the majority of Injustice, Damian hates his father and idolizes Superman. However, in a flashback scene in the pages of Injustice 2 #11, we see that things were not always this way. Bruce drops his son off at the farthest point of Gotham from the Batcave. He tells Damian it should take him about three hours to make it back to Wayne Manor, and he has to rely on his new skills to return. Robin completes the task in 10 hours but helps many people along the way. He realizes there is more to being a hero than just the skills, and his father is very proud of him.

9 Glad It Isn't: The Death of Shazam

Billy Batson, fortunately, plays a much larger role in the Injustice comics than the game, but it still doesn’t make up for his in-game death. When Superman explains his villainous plans, Shazam is the only one to speak up to him. He argues that they are going too far, and mentions that this is not what Lois would have wanted.

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The mention of his dead wife pushes Superman over the edge, and he grabs Shazam’s throat. Superman uses super-breath to freeze Shazam’s mouth and burns through his eye sockets with his heat vision. Thankfully, this was what it took for The Flash to abandon the Regime, and they were soon defeated.

8 Wish It Was: Killer Croc+Orca 4-Ever

Perhaps the strangest couple in comic history, Orca and Killer Croc were revealed to be partners throughout the Injustice timeline. The light-hearted moments between the two and the reactions of the rest of the Suicide Squad can sometimes be more entertaining than the main story itself. The two get married shortly before Ra’s Al Ghul threatens the Squad with the bombs implanted in their head. He deactivated Croc’s and Orca’s, and even when Grodd took control of the Squad, he let the couple leave peacefully. A very rare happy ending in the world of Injustice.

7 Glad It Isn't: The Fates of the Teen Titans

The Teen Titans are one of the most popular groups in comic book history, and they definitely got the short end of the stick in Injustice. Kid Flash and Beast Boy were killed in the detonation of Metropolis. Cyborg joined Superman’s Regime, with a Trigon-embraced Raven following closely. Injustice 2 revealed that the rest of the Teen Titans had been locked in the Phantom Zone for the five years since the explosion, put there by Superman himself. Even after being rescued, their luck runs out as Tim Drake is ended by General Zod. Starfire’s in-game ending shows the idea of a new Teen Titans roster, but it's not enough for the fans of the young superheroes.

6 Wish It Was: Plastic Fam

Plastic Man has always been a fan favorite in the DCU, and Injustice is no exception. During the events of Ground Zero, we find out that Plas’s son, Luke, is being held prisoner by the Regime. Plastic Man breaks him out, and the two metahumans return home. After being recruited by Batman in an exchange reminiscent of Prop Hunt, the two join the Insurgency. Plastic Man’s son, creatively named Offspring, shares the same elastic powers as his dad, and the two go on many missions together for Batman. Luke is a character exclusive to the Injustice Universe at the moment, but we would love to see his debut in the main DCU now that his father is a member of The Terrifics.

5 Glad It Isn't: Wonder Woman's Arc

Besides (maybe) Superman, Wonder Woman is the most twisted character in all of Injustice. Serving as Superman’s right hand, she supports every single one of his decisions and is willing to die for the Man of Steel. Wonder Woman is nothing short of evil throughout the entire series, betraying everyone she needs to remain loyal to Superman.

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The silver lining moment was her forced fight with Superman on Themyscira, but her character is still the worst we’ve ever seen it. The supposed Ambassador of Man helps slay Martian Manhunter, stands by every evil action of Superman, and even before the Regime enjoyed Superman’s descent into a more militant leader. She is bloodthirsty, hypocritical, and diabolical.

4 Wish It Was: The Flash and his Fanboy

Another character exclusive to Injustice, Galaxor is actually a normal teen named Mitchell Davies. The wannabe Australian superhero was one of the first casualties in the road to Superman’s tyranny. The thing that makes him so special, however, is his relationship with Barry Allen. Barry has always been on the side of the law, and he is the only Regime member to question Superman’s actions throughout the story. Barry discovers Galaxor was a huge Flash fan, and one of his main regrets is just standing there as Superman paralyzed the young man. Years later, Barry finds Mitchell’s home and teaches him how to walk again.

3 Glad It Isn't: The Lantern Corps War

The entirety of Year Two displays the war between the Green Lantern Corps and the Regime. While Lantern fans may enjoy seeing Superman fight side-by-side with Sinestro and Hal Jordan becoming a Yellow Lantern, the good certainly does not outweigh the bad.

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Countless Green Lantern favorites are slain, including every Earth lantern except for Hal. Kyle is killed at the very beginning of the series, John is ended by Sinestro, and Guy is destroyed by Hal. Just to rub salt in the wound, Superman even pushes Mogo, the sentient planet Corpsman, into the sun. The most powerful army in the universe is wiped out in mere hours.

2 Wish It Was: Dick Grayson becoming Deadman

Dick Grayson’s death was one of the worst parts of Injustice, as being killed by a rock is not the heroic sacrifice we expected when we heard of Nightwing’s death in the game. However, it led to the coolest moment in Injustice, Dick Grayson becoming Deadman. It’s always awesome to see a member of the Bat-family gain superpowers, and there are many loving exchanges between Dick and the others throughout his time as Deadman. He finally says the proper goodbye to his father, and even saves Damian from a group of thugs. He gifts Damian the Nightwing suit, which explains why Damian is Nightwing instead of Robin in the game.

1 Glad It Isn't: Injustice

The beauty of Elseworlds stories is that writers are able to flesh out their own creative ideas without disturbing the main canon. If even a fraction of the events, battles, or deaths occurred in the mainstream DCU, it would be a madhouse. The destruction of Metropolis, the death of Lois Lane, Superman killing The Joker, Superman slaying countless members of the Justice League, the list goes on. Evil Superman is a neat story idea, but should NEVER be toyed with in the mainstream DCU. Fans are happy with this alternate take on the average Justice League storyline, but it’s an alternate universe, and let's keep it that way.

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