DC's He-Man Crossover Drastically Changes the Injustice Universe's Justice League

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #6 by Tim Seeley, Freddie E. Williams II, Jeremy Colwell, Andrew Dalhouse and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

Having tormented the Injustice Universe since 2013, the dictator Superman has finally fallen. Following his Injustice 2 video game ending, the Man of Steel's new dictatorship came crumbling down when he tried to reshape the multiverse using the power of Castle Grayskull and the Anti-Life Equation, with the Kryptonian himself dying at the hands of a Shazam-powered He-Man.

With Batman (Bruce Wayne) and his Resistance successful, a new era for the entire galaxy has begun, and as the final chapter of DC's He-Man/Injustice crossover illustrates, this victory redefines the Justice League in a major way.

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The Dark Knight and his soldiers have removed all traces of Superman's regime, as well as the Brainiac technology he used to enslave the Earth. This is all part of Bruce re-forming the Justice League for the first time since Injustice: Gods Among Us five years ago. Now, we see new and old faces enlisting: Green Arrow and Black Canary have rejoined from the Resistance, while newcomers like Harley Quinn and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner are aboard. Supergirl is also signed up having returned from the Phantom Zone, ready to erase the mistakes her cousin made.

The Flash (Barry Allen) and Red Hood (Jason Todd) have been recruited, too, making amends for going against Batman's philosophies in the past. Another key figure signing up is Regina Taylor, a former suicidal woman He-Man and Shazam decided should take over Billy Batson's mantle as Queen Marvel.

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However, Batman isn't shaping them as your typical League. He knows he needs back-up, and recognizing how big an ally Eternia and its warriors were in helping to eliminate threats like Darkseid and Skeletor, he's formed a cosmic partnership with them. Darkseid's Orbital Intimidator has been transformed from a warship into a maximum security prison, with Man-at-Arms as the Caped Crusader's warden. There, He-Man villains like Evil-Lyn share cells with traitors such as Wonder Woman. This joint venture is made all the more official with Zatanna becoming somewhat of a magical understudy to Grayskull's Sorceress.

Batman knows Eternia's mystical trove is what preserves reality's very existence, so this duo is responsible for monitoring the multiverse, becoming what Oracle once was for the Bat-family. They've already begun searching for Skeletor's body, which went missing at the end of this issue, further reiterating why Bruce needs eyes and ears across the entire cosmos. Of course, it helps that has the ultimate trump card in his pocket in the form of Prince Adam, who's back to full power as He-Man. Bruce admits the Eternian is the equivalent of Superman, so no matter what, the League has a powerhouse to rely on.

Bruce's new cosmic order is complete with Zodac (Eternia's version of the Watcher) and Metron, who were both spared by the avatar of death known as the Black Racer. Together they're now referred to the Cosmic Enforcers, ensuring the galaxy is balanced, as they seek out more champions to help the League and Eternia preserve the multiverse.

And with threats like Atrocitus, the new ruler of Apokolips, rising up, you can't blame them. Especially because we all know that in the Injustice Universe, when one despot falls, another rises up very quickly. Next time, though, it seems Batman will be better prepared, because his League and his new network of heroes has never been bigger and better than right now. As this crossover has shown, a coalition with Eternia can only serve to protect the fabric reality in a way the League could only dream of. Bruce had the vision and now, at long last, he finally has the warriors to get the job done, with true and fair justice at the heart of everything they do.

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