Injustice/He-Man Crossover Finally Turns [REDACTED] Into a God

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #5 by Tim Seeley, Freddie E. Williams II, Jeremy Colwell and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

In the Injustice realm, just as in the mainstream DC Universe, godhood seems to be the goal of many. Brainiac in particular stands out, as his sole purpose in the Injustice 2 series was to collect planets and, in the process, gain the knowledge that would make him all-knowing and all-powerful. Black Adam, Sinestro and countless others have similarly grasped for such lofty heights, but fell short.

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But DC's Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe depicts the New God Darkseid seeking to level up and become omnipotent -- a true god with the power to alter the multiverse, as he raids Eternia and the mystical treasure trove of Castle Grayskull. But as the civil war between DC's superheroes on Earth spills over to He-Man's home world, it's not the ruler of Apokolips who's granted access to unlimited power; it's Superman.

The Man of Steel was busy in the four preceding issues contending with Damian Wayne as the new Batman, and his revamped Resistance, fortified by Prince Adam, as they try to end yet another dictatorial regime led by the Kryptonian. The battle has been brutal, with the casualty count rising on both sides. But as Superman gets ready to eliminate a de-powered Adam and Bruce Wayne, now free of Kal-El's mind control, word arrives from Eternia's Sorceress that Darkseid is laying waste to the planet. She reveals that, once he raids Grayskull and uses her Orb of Power in tandem with his Anti-Life Equation, the entire multiverse will be doomed.

And so, Superman forms a temporary alliance with Batman, Adam & Co. and heads to Eternia. However, most of their work has already been done, as Skeletor betrayed Darkseid and is attempting to use the power of Shazam -- even wearing an armor similar to Black Adam's -- to kill him. Skeletor faked being Darkseid's servant, because he knew the New God would be stronger than him, capable of breaking into Grayskull and stealing the Sorceress' magical items. Darkseid thought he could manipulate the Nexus of All Realities (the point where the energies of the multiverse converge), take the Orb of Power and then use his Anti-Life Equation to poison every single reality. Alas, Skeletor has other plans.

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However, this infighting allows Superman and Adam to take down the villainous duo, only for Kal-El to once more show his true colors. Adam's belief that he still had good in him is shattered as Superman takes the Sword of Power (now attached to the Orb of Power as the sword is really its key), then wields Darkseid's Soul Syphon (the glove he was using to channel the Anti-Life Equation), and prepares to use the Nexus himself.

There's no Batman around, as the Dark Knight's posse is outside the castle holding off the assembled armies of Skeletor and Darkseid, leaving Adam alone to witness Superman's ascension to godhood. The Kryptonian vows to "fix it all," as we see the pieces of history he wants to mend: the breakup of the Trinity; Lois' death at the hands of The Joker; the killing of Captain Marvel; and the slaughter of Damian Wayne by Wonder Woman, among others.

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Getting this reset button is big, because it's what Superman vowed he'd do when Lois died. He told Wonder Woman he'd find a way to change the past and to make his loved ones immortal, and it seems he's done just that. This crossover has seen him collecting magical artifacts from across his universe, not just because they're deadly weapons that can be used against him, but because he felt they could fulfill his ambitions once unlocked. He's finally done so, and in the process, he  became an iron-fisted dictator capable of ruling not just his reality, but the entire multiverse.

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