The 15 Most Brutal Ways Your Favorite Characters Died In Injustice

Injustice: Gods Among Us gave us a new look at the DC Universe from a different reality. In it, we see Superman fail to save those he loves and become a dictator for the entire world as a result. He and Batman are permanently at odds, with Superman forming a Regime to rebuild the world and Batman creating an Insurgency to make it all stay the same.

One of the things that the Injustice series is known for is killing off your favorite characters right before your very eyes. DC wouldn't be able to get away with this in the main continuity, so it makes sense that they'd take this new universe as an opportunity to go as off the wall as possible. Where the writers got very creative was not only in which characters they chose to kill, but how they were killed. Instead of people just getting their necks snapped, DC had some brutal ways of showing deaths in both the Injustice comic series as well as the games. It was memorable for the shock factor alone of seeing classic characters either kill or be killed. Get ready for an intense picture as we explore the most savage ways your favorite characters died in the Injustice universe.

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After Superman began conquering the world, Batman decided to bring in a Justice League from a different Earth to help them win the day. When Superman's Regime started seeing another Justice League fighting the war, some of the members started to question their leader's motives and goals.

Some of them decided that it would be better to defect or challenge Superman's ideals. One of them was Shazam. After seeing what the Man of Steel was truly capable of, he confronted him and tried to get him to see reason. Seeing this as a direct challenge to his authority, Superman grabbed Shazam and shot his heat vision straight through the hero's eyes. Within a few minutes, Superman had melted through Shazam's entire head and dropped him on the ground.


When the Injustice universe began, DC had to make the audience know that they were in for something entirely different than what they'd experienced before. The way they did this was through the Joker. The Jester of Genocide hit Superman with some special gas that made him see Doomsday in Metropolis. Immediately panicking, he grabbed the monster and flew straight into the cosmos to get him away from the public.

However, he quickly noticed that Doomsday wasn't fighting back. It wasn't long before he was seeing clearly again to realize that it was Lois Lane had brought to space instead of a villain. Due to the lack of oxygen, his pregnant wife quickly suffocated. Superman had to come down to Earth with the realization that he inadvertently murdered his own family.


Ragman is a character involved in the mystic arts. Considering that Superman is weak to magical attacks, it makes sense that Batman and Constantine would eventually call on him to help out. The plan was for Ragman to hold Superman and absorb his soul so that he can perpetually atone for his crimes against the universe.

However, they didn't account for Superman to take so long to absorb. Unfortunately, the Man of Steel had the Spectre on his side as well, who could deal with magical beings. Immediately, the Spirit of Vengeance began tearing at Ragman piece by piece until he was nothing more than a pile of shreds. Superman seems to have accounted for every single one of his weaknesses in his efforts to rule the world.


The quintessential moment that spawned the Injustice saga was how the Joker caused the deaths of Lois Lane and her unborn child. That wasn't all, though. Lois's life was rigged to a nuclear device that was set in the heart of Metropolis. The moment she died, the bomb went enough and reduced Superman's home to a pile of ashes.

That said, there were a few heroes who did all they could to save the innocent. Speedsters like Jesse Quick tried to get as many people out as possible. Unfortunately, when it came time for her to run away from the blast, though, she wasn't fast enough and was quickly turned into a pile of ashes and bones. To be fair, she's never named but her design is very reminiscent of that character.


When the Joker rigged a nuclear bomb to Lois Lane's life, the entire city of Metropolis was leveled in the aftermath. However, it wasn't just innocent people who were caught in the explosion -- many heroes were there in the city trying to help defeat the Joker. The sad part was that many of them didn't get out in time.

Most of the Teen Titans were in Metropolis when the bomb went off, and they were all caught in it. Kid Flash ran straight into the blast and immediately died, and Superboy tried to shield Beast Boy from the blast. Unfortunately, he failed and Beast Boy died as well, leaving Superboy to grieve. There are still members of the Titans that were alive in the Injustice series, but not without some serious emotional wounds.



It's not long before Superman's actions spawn the interference of the United States Government. Working with them is Captain Atom, who is one of the strongest heroes in the DC Universe. He is sent to fight the Man of Steel and actually holds his own in battle. Things take a turn for the worst when Wonder Woman gets involved and slices Captain Atom's neck.

Knowing his molecular structure, Captain Atom explains that he'll turn into a nuclear explosion unlike anything the world has ever seen because of it. Because of this, he flies straight to Superman while he decomposes. He goes nuclear and explodes, causing serious amounts of damage along the way. However, Superman manages to live through it -- talk about being way too OP.


This was the moment that set the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us in motion. After Joker was responsible for the deaths of Lois Lane and Clark's unborn baby, Superman flew down to the prison where Batman was interrogating the Clown Prince of Crime. Instead of asking him his own questions, Superman simply grabs the Joker and thrusts his hand through the villain's heart.

While this isn't shown in the game, the comic gives us a clear picture of what it looked like. Selling the moment is Batman's shocked expression in the background, as the Dark Knight is rarely surprised by anything. This was the murder that spawned Superman to change his outlook on crime and the entire world from that point on and begin the path towards the rampage he ends up on.



When the Prime Earth DC heroes came to the Injustice universe to help out Batman's Insurgency, there were some that were shocked to see another version of Green Arrow. Come to find out, the Emerald Archer was long dead by the time the first game took place and the comics revealed how this happened.

When Superman began his rise to power, Green Arrow was one of the first heroes to oppose his order. Things got serious when Ollie went to the Fortress of Solitude and was with John and Martha Kent (who had been kept there by Clark for safety). Superman, full of rage, got the drop on Green Arrow and continuously pummeled his old comrade until he was nothing more than a mangled corpse, much to the horror of the other Justice League members.


At the end of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superman and his Regime are taken down and order seemingly restored to the universe. However, there becomes a gap in leadership, which Gorilla Grodd tries to fill in Injustice 2. With the help of several other villains, he forms an organization called the Society to try and take over the world, which immediately gets negative attention from the Regime and the Insurgency.

Eventually, it's revealed that Grodd is doing this because he's working for Brainiac. That's when Black Adam and Aquaman enter the scene. After beating him in combat, Aquaman stabs Grodd several times with his trident to ensure that the telepathic gorilla can never brainwash anyone again. Unfortunately, it hardly solves their overarching issue of someone trying to conquer planet Earth.


The Green Lantern Corps put up a decent fight when Superman started working with the Yellow Lanterns. In the midst of that conflict, Hal Jordan was stripped of his status as a Green Lantern and made a Yellow Lantern with the help of Sinestro. Taking Jordan's place in the Green Lantern Corps was Guy Gardner.

Gardner eventually went toe to toe with Hal in a brutal battle. With his new allegiance, Hal gave into rage and began beating up Gardner. The battle ended with Hal ripping off Gardner's arm (the one that bore the Lantern Ring) and sending him falling from an insane height to splat on the ground, never to be heard from again. The sad part is that Gardner wasn't the only Green Lantern to die horribly.


Kent Nelson was called by the Lords of Order to put on the Helmet of Fate and become the mystical Doctor Fate. However, even a being that's nearly all-powerful has its limitations. After trying to put a stop to Batman and Superman's plan to overthrow Brainiac, Superman takes the Helmet of Fate and crushes it with his bare hands, freeing Nelson from his bondage.

That said, Kent Nelson still wasn't entirely free from danger. He was on Brainiac's ship with the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, and Brainiac saw his opportunity. With one of his metal tentacles, he throws it out and stabs Nelson through the chest, lifts him straight in the air, and tosses him to the ground. Being a man as old as Kent Nelson, it's easy to imagine that there's no getting up from that wound.


Many heroes worked together to put an end to Superman's Regime, but it got to the point that Batman was running out of allies to use. One conflict saw him working with other powerful people to try and stop Superman, but it horribly backfired. Both Hawkman and Hawkgirl got involved, and the former was feeling particularly courageous that day.

Taking it upon himself to go toe to toe with Superman, it wasn't long before he lost the fight. The Man of Steel's powers are significantly ahead of Hawkman's and he never stood a chance as a result. Hawkman was beaten over and over again until he could no longer breathe. We do have to give Hawkman credit for his efforts, though, because he laced his mace with Kryptonite and almost won.



After Batman formed his Insurgency and Superman has newly formed his Regime, the Dark Knight knew he had to hide in order to guarantee his team's safety. Superman, on the other hand, was desperate to draw Batman out of hiding to kill him and the rest of his comrades. That was when he came up with a sinister plot.

He went to Arkham and released Victor Zsasz from prison. After sending him to Wayne Manor, Zsasz would come face to face with Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's oldest ally. The fight was extremely one-sided, with the killer slicing the butler's stomach and leaving him for dead. It wouldn't be long before his body was found by Damian Wayne and Batman changed forever. That was when Superman really crossed the line.


As Superman started to become more dangerous and powerful, other beings in the DC Universe got involved in the conflict. Among them was the Green Lantern Corps. All of the big members were there for the fight, and even the Man of Steel had a hard time fighting them back. The tide was turned, though, when Sinestro and the Yellow Lantern Corps came into the fray with some extra rings.

Due to how many people feared him, Superman was given a Yellow Lantern Ring. This newfound power allowed Superman to grab Ganthet, one of the legendary Guardians, and shove him into Mogo's core (which was one of the Green Lantern planets). After flying straight through the planet, the Man of Steel destroyed an entire planet as well as one of the most powerful Green Lanterns in one fell swoop.


Many heroes' lives were changed forever when they sided with Superman's Regime. One such hero was Barry Allen. After he chose to work with the Man of Steel's new order, his wife, Iris West, chose to leave him and decided that she couldn't trust him anymore. She eventually began working with a rebellion to try and overthrow Superman.

This all happened at a time when Flash was confused about his allegiance. It just so happened that, one day, Iris and her fellow rebels were ambushed by King Shark, a member of the Regime. Flash was desperate to save the love of his life, so he rushed in and tossed a broom at the King. Little did he know that the broom flew so quickly that it cut right through King Shark's mouth, killing him on the spot. Iris refused to trust Barry after that.

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