Injustice 2 Has Redeemed One of The Franchise's Biggest Villains

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice 2 #63 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Gabe Eltaeb and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

As the factions loyal to Batman and Superman duke it out on Earth, the cosmic arena in the Injustice universe is being torn apart by the war between the Red Lanterns and the Green Lanterns. What makes this so difficult is how badly the latter's been ravaged, especially after Sinestro and the traitorous Hal Jordan helped Superman's regime batter them before the Kryptonian got imprisoned and his reign of terror ended.

Now, it's on a whole different level with repercussions being felt across the cosmos. Starro the Destroyer has been turned into a Red Lantern and is seemingly heading to Earth to mind-control everyone, while Atrocitus' rage-filled Corps is on the verge of destroying Oa and the Guardians.

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With defeat looming, the Green Lanterns are left no choice but to grant Hal a second chance, while also enlisting the unlikely duo of Sinestro and the Main Man, Lobo.

Many were skeptical, particularly with Sinestro's appointment (given his disdain for his former Corps), but in this issue, he actually shows his worth, truly redeeming himself to his ex-teammates.

When Sinestro reacquired his Green Lantern ring, it was the result of desperation on the part of the Corps because the Green Lanterns were outmanned. Leaders like Sayd, and generals such as Soranik (Sinestro's daughter) are now being mind-controlled by Starro's spores, while their counterparts are being slaughtered. With the numbers game against them, Sinestro was reinstated on Hal's recommendation, and warned not to betray them again. It seemed like just a matter of time until he would -- but surprisingly, Sinestro has held to his word, defending Oa as he once did in the past.

Not only is he fighting off Red Lanterns, he's saving mind-controlled Green Lanterns at a time where killing them might sadly be the best bet. It stuns everyone, including Hal, who honestly is having trouble keeping an eye on the man who mentored him. Not to mention, he also has to babysit Lobo, who's humorously going after Atrocitus with, well, let's just say, phallic constructs. Sinestro, though, snaps him out his distraction, demanding focus. In the melee, a spore-controlled Guardian shoots out a blast of extreme and oh-so lethal energy towards the Earth-man, only for Sinestro to swoop into action, heroically saving the day.

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He saves his junior from certain death, and when a shocked Hal asks him why he did so, Sinestro has a heartwarming moment that highlights how much he still respects, and possibly loves, Hal as a son. Sure, they're outnumbered, but Sinestro doing this, saving other Green Lanterns and going out of his way to find a way to rescue his daughter, leaves Hal in awe at a genuinely redeemed warrior, someone who inspired him back in the day.

What makes this move all the more intriguing is Sinestro has repeatedly betrayed the Corps time after time, often using them in temporary alliances, mostly for self-gain. Here, it seems he's well and truly turned a new leaf and is heading for greener pastures; something Hal's PTSD manifestation of Guy Gardner can't seem to believe.

Of course, in typical Sinestro fashion, he reminds Hal he needs him alive if he's to free his daughter from Starro's spores, especially as he can't rely on rookies; namely the new Titans team battling alongside the Corps, and the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team-up destined to take on Starro.

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Whether Sinestro's good side lasts remains to be seen, but it appears to be authentic... for now. Even when Hal joined his Yellow Lanterns under Superman's dictatorship, you could tell Sinestro was happy to have his protege back. Now, he truly does and even if Hal doesn't trust him still, he really doesn't care because ultimately, in his eyes he's once more doing what's right for the entire galaxy. Only this time, it's not as dark and twisted as we're accustomed to.

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