Injustice 2: Red Lantern Hal Jordan Just Lost His Most Important Asset

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice 2 #59 by Tom Taylor, Xermanico, J. Nanjan and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

The Injustice 2 comic books have recently been rocked by the recruitment drive of Red Lantern leader, Atrocitus. The blood-lusting corps recently went after an imprisoned Sinestro, only to end up bringing Hal Jordan into their ranks instead. However, this is the least of the universe's worries, because as Metron is currently preaching to Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) and Lobo, the biggest threat to everyone's existence comes in the form of another Red Lantern -- Starro.

With his army reinforced, Atrocitus leads the charge as they head out to kill the rest of Green Lanterns. But as the war gets closer, Hal's inner-conflict with his new role as an enraged soldier really starts tearing him up emotionally, which leads to a big confrontation on Oa with Sayd and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps.

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In the ensuing melee, the fallen hero -- desperate to make amends after serving Superman's regime as a Yellow Lantern -- is dealt a major blow as he loses his most important asset in this fight for redemption: His ring finger.

While Metron tries to convince Blue Beetle and Lobo to work together to stop Starro, the chain of events he wants to prevent is already happening. The Red Lanterns are marching on Oa, now in perfect sync thanks to Starro's mind-controlling spores. A furious Hal is accompanying Atrocitus' unit, but his PTSD hallucinations, which manifest as Guy Gardner (the former teammate he killed while part of Superman's regime), convince him he's in the wrong... yet again.

The ghost of Guy warns Hal that taking out the Green Lanterns is a terrible decision because it'll weaken the number of defenders the galaxy has. However, Hal, just like Atrocitus, wants Sinestro to die, and not live in prison like the Green Lanterns want for their former colleague. Safe to say, Hal's struggling with this notion, until Guy -- basically acting as his moral compass and overall conscience -- indicates once Atrocitus, Starro and Co. are done with Oa, Earth will be next and his love interest, Carol Ferris, will be in tremendous danger.

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This breaks Hal out of this vengeful mentality and he's able to channel his anger -- even fighting off a Starro spore which wants to keep him in the gang -- to leave the Red Lanterns behind. Hal races to reach Oa first to warn his former comrades of the impending threat. Upon arriving though, he's greeted by the Guardian, Sayd, Soranik (Sinestro's daughter) and the rest of the Corps. They still consider him an enemy, and before he can reveal what's coming, Sayd constrains him.

Guy tries to get Hal to be diplomatic, unsuccessfully. Sayd traps Hal in an air bubble, as they want him back alive so he can be imprisoned as well. Unfortunately, in the melee, Hal realizing he needs drastic measures, uses his energy projection of a blade to cut his ring finger off, thus de-powering himself to get through to Sayd.

In the heat of the moment, Guy jokes about how amputation follows Hal wherever he goes, an inside jab for fans of the franchise which throws back to when a Yellow Lantern Hal ripped Guy's arm off as he tried to convince his ex-teammate to renounce his ways and Superman's order. This took away Guy's powers, with Hal then dropping his former teammate from the skies to his death.

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As ironic as it might be, the timing of Hal's injury couldn't be more worse though, because as soon as it happens, Starro's spores, traveling quickly across the cosmos, reach Oa and begin trying to wrap themselves around Sayd's contingent.

This is just the first volley in Atrocitus' assault, and with the rest of the Red Lanterns to come, it's critical the Green Lanterns find a way to get Hal back on the team. In the video game, we know he's successfully rehabilitated and reinstated to the Corps, so the question isn't if they can get him working as a Green Lantern again, but how.

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