Injustice 2 Red Hood: How the DC Outlaw Entered the Video Game World

The Bat-family is one of the most integral aspects of the Injustice franchise. Over the course of the two video games, and the affiliated comics, we've seen how Bruce Wayne descended into madness during his civil war with Superman, and how the symbol of the Bat truly pushed the likes of Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne and Tim Drake to their limits.

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But while Batman wallowed over how he lost his Robins -- Damian accidentally killed Dick and was part of Superman's regime, while Tim was slaughtered by Zod -- one former protege who wasn't given that much emotional play with the Dark Knight was Jason Todd. However, after Injustice 2 introduced Red Hood in the game, things drastically changed for the character, with many more changes occurring in the high-octane comics.

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As the comics revealed, Jason was killed by the Joker, only for Ra's al Ghul to resurrect him via the Lazarus Pit. He'd return to Gotham intent on revenge as Red Hood, knowing that Bruce couldn't get the job done against the Joker. But with Superman killing the villain, the Red Hood decided to cause anarchy at every turn to make up for lost time.

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He was a perfect fit for the story since he was a living about how Batman's failure to protect his sons and how the Joker truly was a bane upon society. Red Hood served as a constant indicator of what Bruce would have become as well, had he crossed the line and broken his one rule when it comes to killing.

Simply put, he fit this grimy universe as an anti-hero who was willing to do what the Bat-family wouldn't do to clean up the streets. Red Hood was the antithesis to Batman and made it clear to Gotham where Batman failed, he wouldn't, which caused Bruce severe mental distress and even had part of the populace lapping up his vindictive philosophies.


Jason was very versatile, proving to be a soldier with epic military knowledge, but also a brawler and skilled martial artist who could have even gone toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight himself. In the game, his arsenal included pistols (which he electrified to wield in close quarters combat like hammers), grenades, knives and shurikens, which he used to make himself a one-man army on a motorbike.

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Red Hood came off very cutthroat and methodical, always looking to damage opponents' kneecaps, elbows, spines and skulls, so he could either incapacitate them or kill them quickly. In short, he was truly efficient, and even faster than Bruce as seen with his lunges, incessant throws to make folks easier targets and his overall acrobatic ability.

It may sound cliched, but Jason really was like what Bruce would be if he became unhinged and used with lethal weaponry with no conscience. It's the main reason why Ra's also anointed him as his chosen one, since he would be much easier to manipulate than Bruce.


Following his stint as Red Hood, Jason realized that Ra's and his eco-terrorists were too extreme, even for him. But Damian would rally Jason to the anti-Batman cause once again, only this time Jason masked up as, well, an evil Batman. He took the Red Hood mentality to the extreme, and literally came off like the Punisher in a Bat-suit aka the ultimate insult the hot-mouthed ex-Boy Wonder could toss Bruce's way.

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With his red eyes glowing, it wasn't a big surprise to see Jason under the cowl in Injustice 2 #47, but masked up or not, it was clear he enjoyed killing as he knew this was the ultimate way of getting under Bruce's skin and showing the world he was the Batman that Superman always wanted. This 'Darker Knight' would go on to lead the Suicide Squad, bomb Kord Industries, help Batman's daughter Athanasia and Co. resurrect Alfred as a means of torture, and commit tons of other atrocities including homicide.

However, while it isn't video-game canon, Jason did manage to turn a new leaf in the Masters of the Universe crossover, which saw Damian becoming the new Batman and recruit Jason years after Injustice 2 ended. They had all turned away from the darkness that the Man of Steel and Ra's stirred up within them, and in that series, Jason would redeem himself and help establish a more heroic universe with He-Man and the Eternians.

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