Injustice 2: 15 Super Moves You MUST Use!

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment continued their dramatic story of DC Comics' heroes turning on each other via Injustice 2, spurred on by the chief architect of the Mortal Kombat franchise, Ed Boon. The original game focused on Batman's rebellion going up against Superman's regime, with the Kryptonian's order more or less enslaving Earth after he went on a murderous rampage when the Joker killed Lois and his unborn child. Superman's rule was eventually brought to an end in a war that saw heroes and villains uniting on either side, but the sequel gets even more chaotic due to the rise of the villainous Society featuring the likes of Grodd, Deadshot, Bane and Cheetah, and the incoming threat of Brainiac.

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Batman, busy trying to rebuild society, must now assemble a new team of heroes while contemplating the use of former enemies such as Superman and Wonder Woman to ward off Brainiac's attempts to enslave Earth and capture it in miniature form, as he's been doing to other planets throughout the galaxy. With former enemies and allies now joining forces once again, CBR decided to look at 15 of the game's super moves that you need to use to prevent Earth from being conquered by the iconic DC villain!

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the Injustice games and comics.


Cyborg aligned himself with Superman's regime in order to end injustice on Earth in the original game, but in doing so, he adopted the philosophy of ruling with an iron fist to establish control. His super move sees him utilizing Mother Box technology to open up a portal to Apokolips, Darkseid's homeworld. He blasts his opponents through the portal and in mid-air, they get swarmed by parademons (the soldiers that Darkseid uses in his galactic conquests) above the planet's fiery pits.

The parademons then batter the opponent and send them back through the portal to Earth, where Cyborg harnesses the power of his own tech via a huge cannon. He greets his victim with a super-blast, reminding them that he wasn't just the brains of the fallen Justice League, but also that he could be the brawn too if called upon.


Hal Jordan first sided with Superman's rule in the original game, but after realizing he was following a dictator, he began a path to redemption. He turned into a Yellow Lantern on these ventures, harnessing the power of fear, and even finding common ground with former enemy, Sinestro, but now Hal was making up for these past transgressions.

His super-move sees him generating giant robotic constructs a la the Devastator robot from Transformers. First, the legs drop down to stomp you, then the hands smash together with you in the middle before Hal drops the headpiece down on you with all of his might. The head then attaches as the final piece of the construct, which now acts as his body suit, and with Hal in full control, four blasters emerge from the arms to shoot naysayers into oblivion!


Braniac, the new major antagonist, has come to Earth to shrink and capture it as part of his cosmic conquests, which unites the warring factions from the previous game. With Batman and Superman temporarily realigned, he finds himself pulling out all the stops against the World's Finest, as well as the heroes and villains that follow them. In his super-move, Brainiac uses his tentacles (similar to Marvel's Doctor Octopus of Spider-Man comics) and kicks to subdue his opponent before his robot foot soldiers swarm in.

They restrain you as you look to the skies to see Brainiac's mother ship ominously looming overhead amid gloomy war-torn skies. It then charges at the villain's behest, slowly building in order to generate a mammoth laser blast from the skies. This rains down and tries to incinerate you, eventually draining you for Brainiac to now pick up the scraps.


Many DC diehards rejoiced when they saw Firestorm was included in this game. He's the Jason Rusch/Dr. Stein combo that comics fans, as well as lovers of the CW's Legends of Tomorrow adore. And here, we see him rallying to bring balance back to a world torn asunder. In his super-move, it's highly explosive as Firestorm literally goes nuclear!

He stuns his opponents before transporting them into the core of a volcano. There, he pummels them with his fireballs before rising up through the molten center of lava, suspending his opponents in mid-air. As this happens, Firestorm conjures two balls of nuclear energy on either side, and with you in the middle, he smashes them into you like a pendulum, before bringing you back to the original stage setting to finish the roast he started!


For those who wanted the realm of the supernatural to be included, Boon and company definitely do your desires justice with Dr. Fate. In the original game, he tried to maintain neutrality, but ended up siding with Batman's team, while also showing a special sympathy for Green Arrow and Black Canary's plight. In his super-move, he gets more hands-on as he suspends his opponents like Mortal Kombat's Ermac and then proceeds to absorb them through his mystical amulet.

This transports the victim to his mystical tower where other Dr. Fates team-up to initiate a beat-down via smashing you into the walls a bit. After rag-dolling you in this fashion, they conjure a series of magical constructs to smash into you before returning you to the original stage. It's quick, but so very potent from someone you don't often associate violence with, as he's usually a peacekeeper. How times have changed.


Superman ends up being released from his red-Sun prison by a reluctant Batman so that he could help stop Brainiac's invasion. Batman needed all the help he could muster and, despite being a dictator, Superman did want to preserve and protect Earth from foreign threats. In his super-move, he first wrangles you before punching you into the sky. He continues a flurry of punches, catching up to you in the clouds in similar fashion to Zack Snyder's Man of Steel fight against Zod.

Eventually, he flies ahead of his victim and folds his hands awaiting them, showing he's still arrogant. Superman then catches the victim by the face and flies down at supersonic speed towards Earth, planting his opponent into the ground. This sequence shows he has no respect for those who stand up to him and really paints him as a god among men and metahumans.


Scarecrow was an unexpected pick for the game, but he ends up being as scary as he is unconventional. He really ups the intimidation factor as part of Grodd's evil group and in his super-move, he brings the horror show to town in grand fashion. First, he uses his sickle to rip a fabric in reality and his scarecrows rush you, further engulfing you in an atmosphere of terror. Through this rift, a larger sickle flies out, embeds itself into you and pulls you in similar to Mortal Kombat's Scorpion, into a nightmare realm.

There, a larger Scarecrow is revealed to be holding the sickle and with the victim hooked, he proceeds to repeatedly smash you around the place before depositing you back into the reality you were fighting in. It's a terror-filled ride, but one that must be commended for its imagination.


Batman isn't really super-powered so it should come as no surprise to gamers that he uses his genius and his gadgets to outdo opponents. His super-move sees him tackle you to the ground and then quickly program something using his wrist-pad. His opponent is then pulled into the sky by a parachute device (working against gravity), similar to the sky-hook method he used in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight movie to extract a villainous accountant from a Hong Kong skyscraper.

As you're pulled into the night's sky, his bat-plane then cuts you loose, only to use its machine guns on you. That's not all though, because it also has a missile with your name on it, sending you back down to Earth in a scorching manner. It's nothing too mind-blowing, but this special gets major points for its creativity.


Swamp Thing is another cult favorite that gets game-time here and fans of DC Comics, as well as Vertigo, can rest assured that his character remains true to the books. In fact, his super-move is all about him harnessing the power of the Green, which is his connection to the essence of nature, and life, on Earth. It starts off with tree roots wrapping around his opponent's feet like hands and pulling them underground for an onslaught like no other.

There, Swamp Thing uses vines as fists to batter his opponent in a dirt tomb before crushing them in back-breaking fashion (a la Bane with Batman) on protrusions of stone. He then punches them out back to the surface as they scream in agony. This series of moves shows that he really can be as monstrous as he looks.


Atrocitus is another fan favorite added to the game because fans wanted more of the Green Lantern mythos put in. This time, the leader of the Red Lanterns finds himself entangled because deep down, he knows that he should be the cosmic threat which Brainiac poses. In his super-move, Atrocitus unleashes his true power of rage, similar to what we read in the books from the likes of Geoff Johns.

He first impales you through one of his claw-like protrusions and then takes you to his hellish realm. There he throws you against a rock and summons the Butcher, which is the entity of rage. This bull then charges into you and leaves you reeling on the ground only for Atrocitus to vomit his acid-blood all over you, painting you with the hatred of the planet Ysmault and all the Corps members he stands for.


Supergirl a.k.a. Kara Zor-El finds herself torn between family and duty in her debut here. She eventually sides against her cousin's tyranny when he's freed by Batman, but does so with a broken heart as she was sent to save Kal-El and fight for their family honor after losing their home. However, due to Brainiac's bottling of cities such as Kandor, she has a special bone to pick with the villain and in her super-move, she cuts loose immensely.

In this sequence, she uppercuts you and then grabs you for a trip into space. She takes you for a ride around the sun and then flings you into an asteroid field. There, Supergirl decides to use her heat vision to blow up the asteroid field, creating meteors that then rain down upon her victim, pummeling them down to Earth, asserting her as Superman's true equal.


Aquaman tried hard to resist Superman and Wonder Woman's authority, but eventually he realized that to protect Atlantis, he had to side with the regime. As the resistance mounted, he returned to the side of justice and, in the sequel, he continues his quest to ensure his kingdom remains intact. In his super-move, he uses his trident to stab his victim before summoning a tidal wave. He then takes you to the surface and strikes you even more with the lightning-infused trident.

A huge leviathan suddenly emerges to bite down on his opponent and drop them back onto the water-filled stage, only for Aquaman to charge in and impale them with the trident again. It's a gory yet regal attack that shows he will do anything to stop those who stand in the way of him and his people.


The Flash was part of Superman's regime but turned on him in the prequel as he realized the Man of Steel's was an evil method of running the Earth. His actions would convince Hal to do the same and Flash was quick to set about atoning for the past. This time, he's fully on Batman's side as he wants to rebuild the Justice League. In his super-move, Barry Allen here delivers gold for comics fans by spinning his opponents into a daze and taking them for a run through time.

He uses the Speed Force and, with his opponent by the collar, he smashes them into the Sphinx statue, then into a T-Rex that is feeding before smashing the present victim into their former selves just mere seconds ago in the past. That's right, he throws you into you! Now, that's quick delivery and cheeky as well.


Joker was the reason why Superman went berserk in the prequel and here, he's back again to torment folks. This ghost from the past returns in an even more maniacal fashion and, in his super-move, things get really crazy. If you're a fan of the "Death in the Family" Batman comic event, then you're in for a treat because Joker takes you into his torture chamber!

This sequence is best made for use against Robin a.k.a. Damian Wayne, because Joker straps you down and beats you with a crowbar. He then electrocutes you and uses explosives to blow you up. This is what he did when he killed Jason Todd in the '80s, which made Batman reluctant to ever use a Robin again. It's one of the game's most haunting and painful scenes to partake in, but it's made for diehard comic fans.


Darkseid shows just how much of a god he can be when he brings his evil ambitions over from the fiery pits of Apokolips. In his super-move, he shows that you shouldn't just fear Brainiac as the main baddie of the galaxy. Filled with hubris, he turns his back on you and shoots the Omega Sanction in your direction. This beam then takes you careening through an asteroid field before you land in the palm of a huge hand.

This turns out to be Darkseid's hand, which grabs his victim through a portal and brings them back to the original stage for a further whooping. If anything, this illustrates that he may well be omnipotent, and he makes you shiver as he ends the sequence by ordering you to submit. Darkseid makes it clear here that resistance is indeed, futile.

What super-moves from Injustice 2 do you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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