Injustice 2: The Green Lanterns Recruit Two of DC's Biggest Villains

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice 2 #62 by Tom Taylor, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran and Rex Lokus, on sale now.

In the Injustice 2 comics, there's a war between two of the biggest Lantern factions happening right now, the Green and the Red Lanterns. As the all-seeing New God, Metron, recently indicated, it's one which will have a big say on the fate of the universe, which he makes pretty clear is destined to be destroyed by the Red Lantern, Starro.

However, the main objective of Atrocitus and his rage-filled Corps is to take out their rivals on Oa, something they've come a step closer to by breaching the outer shell of the Guardians' Central Power Battery. With the heroes' willpower seemingly not enough, the Green Lanterns, very much desperate for reinforcements turn to some unlikely faces in their darkest hour.

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To stave off Atrocitus' army, they end up inducting two of DC's most popular villains into their ranks: Sinestro, one of their former members, and more surprisingly, the bounty hunter Lobo.

As the Guardians fight to save Oa, the struggle deepens because they're outnumbered and outmatched. Their resistance is now dwindling with the Central Power Battery on the brink of failure, and the Red Lanterns moving in to totally destroy it, thus finally eliminating their green counterparts. However, a repentant Hal Jordan, someone who's long been seeking redemption with the Corps, comes to the rescue by pleading with the Guardians once more to reinstate him. They reluctantly do so, but almost immediately, in typical Hal fashion, he makes a questionable decision off the bat.

He swiftly heads to Oa's prison cells, instructing Salaak to recruit Sinestro back into the fold because they need all the help they can get. Hal indicates that despite his evil past, his former mentor was once one of their very best and they have no choice. Coincidentally, this is something Sinestro genuinely wants because his daughter Soranik Natu, one of the Green Lantern generals, is in the trenches of the war, albeit she's under Starro's mind-control. A cautious Salaak abides by Hal's wishes and Sinestro joins him in boosting the Guardians' front-line.

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As the battle heats up, Starro leaves to destroy Earth, drawing Booster and Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) out of the fray, as they're on a path to stop its universal threat. The newly revamped Teen Titans remain to aid the Green Lanterns, but even with Hal and Sinestro entering the mix, the numbers game is still against them. This is where Salaak gets proactive and makes one of the most shocking decisions in the series so far, giving a wounded Lobo a ring upon his request.

The Czarnian, without his bike, and oh, yeah, without his lower body after a fight with Atrocitus, dons the ring and puts his signature style on the costume it constructs for him. He also makes it obvious he doesn't have time for induction speeches as he's all about doing things, well, the unconventional way.

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Ironically, this isn't the first time Lobo has been gifted a Lantern ring by DC though, because in 2010's Brightest Day storyline he was given one by Atrocitus because of the rage he harbored inside. Also, in Cullen Bunn's Sinestro solo series in 2015, after rounding up the Blue Lantern known as Saint Walker for Sinestro, he was sent a yellow ring as payment. However, it forced its way onto his finger, temporarily turning him into a Yellow Lantern, before he cut it off, reminding Sinestro he wanted no part of his gang as he didn't want to be controlled.

Well, in Tom Taylor's alternate universe story, Lobo has no need for such pleasantries because shockingly, this Green Lantern role is one he actually wants, and only time will tell if in this fight against Atrocitus he goes from the Main Man to a Main Lantern.

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