Injustice 2: A Major Cosmic Character Turns On the Green Lantern Corps

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice 2 #60 by Tom Taylor, Xermanico, J. Nanjan and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

As the fate of the universe hangs in the balance, the Injustice 2 comics are pulling out all stops to gather heroes who can help save the day. The main target is Starro, who recently joined Atrocitus' Red Lanterns, and is currently on the front-lines as they wage war on Oa and the Green Lanterns Corps.

The New God Metron has already made it clear: If Starro isn't stopped, the rest of the galaxy is doomed, something Hal Jordan tried to warn the Green Lanterns about when he showed up, renouncing his Red Lantern status last issue. Sadly, by the time he got through to his former allies, Starro had already appeared on the scene with the Red Lanterns, thus kicking off a massive battle.

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In the melee, with Hal's former allies already short in numbers, things go from bad to worse when a major cosmic character turns on the Green Lanterns -- none other than their current leader and experienced Guardian, Sayd.

In Issue #60, Metron keeps reiterating what Starro will do once the star-shaped creature is done with Oa -- end all life as we know it -- which brings an updated Teen Titans unit into the fold. Superboy (Conner Kent), Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) and Starfire (aka Koriand'r) finally get the chance to partner with Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), who Metron indicates is the superhero destined to stop Starro's reign of terror. But there are a few surprise faces joining them in this mission: Booster Gold (who's looking to groom a petrified Jaime and honor Ted Kord's legacy), and surprisingly, Lobo, basically a gun-for-hire Metron employs.

As Jaime temporarily overcomes his fears of living up to the Blue Beetle mantle, thanks to Booster's confidence-building words, they fly out to join the fray, having finally entered Oa's orbit. But the scene they meet is one of pure, unadulterated chaos. Starro and the Red Lanterns are laying waste to the Green Lanterns, weakened by the lack of leaders, especially someone seasoned like Hal. Even though Hal's begging Soranik Natu (Sinestro's daughter) to reinstate him to the team, sadly, she rejects the notion, still branding him a traitor for switching allegiance to the Yellow Lanterns under Superman's regime.

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What makes the odds so insurmountable for the Green Lanterns to overcome is they're outnumbered, not just because Atrocitus' army has greater numbers, but because Starro's mind-controlling spores are wrapping around their own soldiers and brainwashing them to fight for the Red Lanterns, without even needing a red ring. Just as Soranik's forces realize they're fighting a lost cause and contemplating a call for help, Sayd turns on them and obliterates a portion of the squadron.

He too has fallen prey to one of Starro's spores, which causes him to start blasting away his proteges, much to the delight of Dex-Starr and the other Red Lanterns. Sayd isn't just any DC cosmic character, because as a Guardian she wields the power of will unlike any other, which makes this slaughter all the more difficult to stop. With Sayd on Atrocitus' side, it's now even easier for the Red Lanterns to snuff out this resistance and head off to kill Sinestro, who's imprisoned on Oa for his galactic crimes.

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We know Hal ends up rejoining the Green Lanterns, as per the Injustice 2 video game, and this chain of events might cement why. If Sayd is truly lost, they'll need experience, which could result in Soranik giving in to Hal's request for a ring. This is because even with the Teen Titans, Booster and the Main Man coming in hot, the Red Lanterns have a clear advantage. Also, with Sayd in their ranks, they possess the necessary firepower to back up Starro as its spores spreads across the universe, consuming it with rage and bloodshed, thus fulfilling the dark prophecy the all-seeing Metron is trying to avoid.

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