A Major DC Superteam Finally Makes Its Injustice 2 Debut

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice 2 #65 by Tom Taylor, Xermanico, J. Nanjan and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

Bit by bit, the Injustice comics have introduced major DC superteams into its overall story. Most recently, we saw the Green Lanterns being fully fleshed out thanks to Atrocitus' war on Oa with his Red Lanterns, while readers were also introduced to a new version of the Teen Titans.

However, what's so intriguing about the alternate universe tale that continues the Injustice 2 video game narrative, is how it loves to keep springing surprises. And it does so yet again come Issue #65, as Tom Taylor adds another new superteam into the mix for the very first time.

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That's right, the Legion of Super-Heroes have finally arrived, and it's a debut that's well poised to leave a lasting mark on the Injustice universe.

With the attack on Oa reaching its fever pitch, the Green Lanterns somehow manage to emerge victorious. The sacrifice of Sinestro, the arrival of the Titans, the emergence of the Green Lantern Lobo and last but not least, a redeemed Hal Jordan, all combine to repel the Red Lanterns, as well as Brainiac's repurposed Manhunters. In the midst of this, Superboy and Wonder Girl are taken in by Brainiac in what turns out to be a big trap.

After interrogating Superboy and finding out Superman exists on Earth, Brainiac sets his sights on the planet, ready to add it to his collection, but mostly to end all Kryptonian existence; which he thought he did when he captured Kandor and bottled it. Superman is now his final obstacle, and as the villain heads there to complete the job, he ejects Superboy into space as he no longer has use for him; tragically the same thing he did to Wonder Girl. But just when it seems the two lovers are going to die next to each other, what seems to be some sort of space portal appears.

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The duo are rescued by the Legion of Super-Heroes: Lightning Boy, Shadow Lass, Ultra Boy, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Chameleon Boy. Saturn Girl tells them the future needs them, so it appears they're about enter a time bubble and leave the Brainiac battle behind. But there's one more twist to come, as the Legion is revealed to be working with a time-displaced version of Booster Gold, who says he has "one more stop to make in this timeline."

Now, this development produces more questions than it does answers. First, the current timeline's Booster is off with Jaime Reyes, aka Blue Beetle, trying to stop the Red Lantern Starro from destroying Earth, so it's unknown if this is a Booster from the past or the future. Either way, he seems wiser than the one we've gotten to know, and given he's working with the Legion, he should know what he's doing, we hope.

As for the Legion, they've never even appeared in the game outside of Brainiac's ending. When Brainiac beats the game, having to defeat himself, he's revealed as Brainiac 5, the descendent of this genocidal maniac who simply wanted to make things right before returning to the 31st century.

There he'd endure judgement from Saturn Girl, Lightning Boy and Cosmic Boy, but he's prepared to face the music as he believes stopping his ancestor was totally worth it. That said, with the comics only just getting into Brainac's arrival on the scene and sending him off to invade Earth, it's tough to extrapolate how the Legion ties in at present.

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It's worth mentioning in Superman's Injustice 2 ending, he merged with Brainiac's technology and began enslaving heroes like Batman to form a new regime to conquer and protect the galaxy. He dubbed it the Legion of Superheroes as well, so it remains to be seen if all this somehow ties into Booster and his time-traveling crew. With Superboy and Wonder Girl also absent from the game, this mystery is tough to theorize about, but then again, such blank slates are most welcome in the Injustice arena.

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