Darkseid's Elite Have Finally Made Their Injustice Universe Debut

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #1 by Tim Seeley, Freddie E. Williams II, Jeremy Colwell and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

The Injustice video game franchise is famous for pitting DC's biggest names against each other, heroes and villains alike. When Superman killed Joker and took over the world, Batman formed his own resistance and what ensued was a lot of bloodshed and bonds which would be forever broken.

The story did expand outside of Earth though, namely to the Green and Yellow Lanterns, with the Injustice 2 narrative going even more cosmic featuring the Red Lanterns, and the main antagonist Brainiac. One particular corner of the DC Universe the game, as well as the comics, didn't really dive deep into though is the arena of the New Gods.

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Well, that's changed drastically thanks to Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #1, which brings Darkseid's Elite into the thick of things.

This series is set after Injustice 2 with Batman traveling to Eternia to seek out the most powerful magic-powered hero across the multiverse, He-Man. After his scouts, led by Zatanna, Cyborg and Swamp Thing, spied on Prince Adam (He-Man's civilian identity), they realize he's pure and the right blend of brute and heart needed to stop Superman, who's free once more and using Brainiac's technology to try to conquer the multiverse, even enslaving the likes of Skeletor to help him control various worlds.

All of this is documented by Zodac, Eternia's cosmic enforcer and a neutral being along the lines of DC's all-seeing Metron, albeit a watcher who's willing to enter the battlefield. As he narrates the story, citing these new alliances are a catalyst to reshaping the order of the multiverse, he's attacked by the Black Racer, DC's embodiment of death. When this happens, he tries to send a message to Eternia's protector, the mystical being known as the Sorceress of Grayskull, but Zodac's warning comes too little, too late.

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It's not even about the Racer anymore because Zodac's witnessing something bigger at Eternia's doorsteps, the invasion of Apokolips. Darkseid makes it clear he has arrived, but contrary to how Injustice depicted him previously, he's not alone. He's seen with his Elite squad, warlords he usually sends as the first wave to subjugate planets: Steppenwolf (one of his best warriors), Mantis (an insectoid assassin) and Granny Goodness (a general responsible for training his minions).

While the issues ends on this cliffhanger with the Elite members not speaking at all, it does appear they're here to gather magical items to defeat Superman and take Earth for themselves. It's an ambition Darkseid, who appeared as a bonus player in the Injustice mobile game, has harbored for quite some time, which led to him sending his son Kalibak to fight Superman early on in the comics. Superman killed the New God though, and this seems to be his father's major push towards revenge.

Admittedly, Darkseid hasn't been a major villain in the Injustice universe, but he has made it clear in the books he's ready to do anything to rise to the challenge of killing Superman. Just before he sent Kalibak to his death, we saw him torturing the Black Racer, who now seems to be his herald scouring the cosmos, and recently, he hired Lobo to bring him Blue Beetle's scarab, another major weapon he wants to continue his war on the Kryptonian.

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Well, now, the Elite (who look pretty much the same as in DC's mainstream comics) has touched down, clearly intent on strengthening Darkseid's grip on the galaxy in this crossover event. The Injustice universe has been in need of shaking up, especially in terms of powerhouse villains, and He-Man's companions, as well as Batman's resistance, now have some ruthless ones to look forward to. Once they're done with Eternia, they'll undoubtedly be setting their eyes on Earth, which might even see the Dark Knight and Superman team up once again.

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