Injustice 2: One of DC's Major Heroes Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice 2 #66 by Tom Taylor, Xermanico, J. Nanjan and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

Injustice 2 has resulted in quite a few new faces added, not just to the video games, but to the comics as well. Given the recent arc from Tom Taylor and Co., one can see why as the creative team is covering an expansive cosmic arc which wasn't touched at all by the game. While the sequel focused on Brainiac invading Earth, these books are dealing with the fate of the entire galaxy.

What makes things even more intriguing is the comics are delving further into alternate timestreams and the multiverse. That said, sacrifices must be made, and with the Green Lanterns and Red Lanterns locked in battle, all as Brainiac makes his first moves towards coming for Superman, it's inevitable heroes will die.

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This week's Injustice #66 sees a fan-favorite and one who's been crucial on the galactic landscape so far bite the bullet: Booster Gold.

The war of the Lanterns has seemingly come to an end with Hal Jordan and his army -- consisting of new faces like the Titans and unlikely faces like Lobo -- besting Atrocitus' bloodthirsty corps, albeit while enduring heavy losses such as Sinestro. But, as Metron indicated in the past, Booster Gold and the young Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle are the ones truly meant to preserve the universe, which is why they left the battlefield and chased after the Red Lantern known as Starro the Destroyer, who's intent on heading to Earth and using its spores to mind-control heroes and villains alike.

This issue finally shows Blue Beetle and Booster catching up to the alien and following a rough fight, Jaime's scarab reveals he must make the ultimate sacrifice, as previous Beetles have done. The scarab itself has to be placed on Starro's body to act like a bomb as it's the only thing powerful enough to destroy the entity. Sadly, this will mean Jaime's death as he has no breathing apparatus to save his own life when he returns to his human form. Booster protests but in the blink of an eye Jaime carries out his mission.

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However, Booster decides the teen has a heroic future ahead of him and places his own oxygen mask on Jaime, allowing him to breathe in outer space. Thus, Booster starts dying in the cold fringes of the cosmos (similar to what we saw between Yondu and Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), and as he does, Taylor throws another surprise on the pages by having the Booster we recently saw time-hopping with the Legion of Super-Heroes appear.

Last issue, this new mysterious alliance saved Superboy and Wonder Girl from dying after a clash with Brainiac, but here, it's a more personal mission as Booster sends Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle who gave Jaime his scarab, to comfort present-day Booster in his final moments. This scene has an extra sentimental touch to it as it's a nod to when Kord died when Ra's al Ghul's minions attacked him earlier in the series. Booster appeared there to comfort Ted, his best friend, as he drew his final breath, and now it's another tear-jerking scene as the roles are reversed. Yet again, one best friend takes care of the other "at the end."

As Starro explodes, it's uncertain if both die in the blast or if they're taken in by the time-traveling Booster, but as it stands, when Skeets (Booster's artificial intelligence sidekick) and the Green Lanterns find Jaime, they tell him his friend has indeed died.

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Jaime's even given back his scarab, found drifting in space, leaving readers curious as to whether he'll continue as a hero, because this war, while the heroes emerged victorious, has taken an immense toll on him. With that in mind, there's a strong chance he'll want to honor Booster's faith in him, but as of now, only time will tell.

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