Injustice 2 Comic Character's Surprising Heritage Revealed

The latest issue of the Injustice 2 comic tie-in has delivered a shocker on its final page, with Talia al Ghul revealing to the newly-freed Damian Wayne his sister, Athanasia al Ghul. The cliffhanger from writer Tom Taylor and artist Daniel Sampere in Injustice 2 #6, now available digitally, dealt with the Suicide Squad being marshaled by an evil Batman doppelganger who readers were led to believe was trying to break Superman out of prison.

It turned out to be a distraction, as they were part of Talia's plan so that she could free her son instead. Upon escaping, Damian chastised his mother and Athanasia, who were using excessive force in the breakout, only for the young lady to subdue him and Talia to reveal her as the "daughter of the bat."

Damian joined Superman's regime in the first chapter of the overall Injustice story, trying to control the world only for Batman to form a rebellion. Damian switched sides as he lost faith in his father's ways, eventually taking the Nightwing mantle after he was involved in an accident that took Dick Grayson's life. Bruce disowned him and he was imprisoned along with the remnants of Superman's regime when it fell. Athanasia and Talia's motivations however are still up in the air as it seems they are bent on dominating the world themselves, following up on Ra's al Ghul's legacy.

This issue raised many questions for readers wondering about Athanasia's origins -- as Damian was genetically engineered from Bruce's DNA -- and the identity of the evil gun-toting Batman leading the Suicide Squad. Speculation is that it could actually be Jason Todd (who's available as the Red Hood in the downloadable content pack) as he was mentioned in the first issue of this new volume. Taylor revealed in an interview with DC Entertainment (seen below) that these new players in the Bat-family will play a big part in the story to come, promising more new characters as well such as Aqualad, Animal Man and Vixen.

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