Injustice 2: Batman's Resistance Loses Its Most Important Member

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Injustice 2 #72, the series finale, by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

The Injustice universe is quite a frenetic one, filled with so much bloodshed and war that we don't get to soak in the more sentimental moments (which admittedly come few and far in between). One of them recently was the wedding of Croc and Orca, but it quickly spiraled into Grodd's uprising in Gorilla City, which reiterates this alternate reality story just isn't about happy endings.

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Come the Injustice 2 finale, we now get one of the most heartbreaking moments the series has ever seen. It shatters Bruce Wayne in ways we can't imagine, as he's left reluctantly saying goodbye to the man who's been the driving force of his life and the Resistance: none other than Alfred.

Issue #72 opens up with Alfred, or "Al," as the Kents call him, begging for a favor. He's asking them to look after Bruce as he has to go away. The Kents are shocked but he tells them he has no choice, it's something he must do. Given how they turned on Superman and are now trying to fight for justice their own way in the Fortress of Solitude, it's a big ask, especially as Bruce has also been like a son to them. They agree though, knowing how important this new task is, which coincidentally will help them fill the gap in their own lives after they lost Kal-El to the dark side.

It gets way more emotional later when Bruce confronts Alfred, blindsided by him gearing up to place his luggage in a cab and leave. It's been a torrid journey so far but he's really been a father to Bruce, backing him throughout the revolution against Superman, and even reining him in when he's crossing the line. The main reason for leaving is he simply isn't whole, a side effect after Damian Wayne brought him back to life using the Lazarus Pit following his death in the first Injustice series.

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He took a while to become human again, acting like a zombie at times, and even though he's regained his senses, he lost part of his humanity which he may never recover. Still, he helped Bruce recently build a bridge with his estranged assassin of a daughter, Athanasia, and also pushed a new global alliance into motion between the surface world, Atlantis and Gorilla City. Alfred simply wanted Bruce to rebuild a world that's safe for everyone, wash away the troubles of the past, and maybe even finally get married to Catwoman.

Alas, he's at the end of the rope and begs Master Bruce to let him go. No matter how much he says he needs Alfred, the butler knows leaving is best as he's too much of a distraction for Bruce. It's a dire blow because he's been a voice of reason for the Resistance, patching up heroes physically and mentally too.

When Bruce agrees, he makes his 'son' promise not to track him, and disappears, which is why we didn't see or hear from him in the video game sequel. Fans thought he was still dead but it turns out he decided to go M.I.A. and leave the superheroes to their own devices against Brainiac. The deaths of Tim Drake and Dick Grayson have weighed heavily on him, and with Damian and Jason Todd still on the wrong side of the line, you can tell he feels like he's failed them too.

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Not even Bruce can convince him otherwise, and so, he has to let the most important figure in his life go. It's a sad way to end the book, but hopefully, a third chapter reunites everyone with the anchor of the Bat-family and truly gives them a sense of closure and dare we ask, happiness.

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