Injustice 2: 15 New Characters We CAN'T WAIT To Play

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The first "Injustice" game proved to be a great success for DC Entertainment, a success that satiated everyone, from long time fans of the DC characters, to the casual fans and even the ones who knew little to nothing about them. Whichever camp you found yourself in, the end result was always the same: people wanted more. More of the story, more of the gameplay and also, a hell of a lot more playable characters. It's been a long wait -- four years, in fact -- but now the sequel is almost in our hands.

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"Injustice 2" looks to be an even bigger, deeper step into the DC Universe, one that promises a great and immersive gaming experience. From the customization and upgrades of characters to the inclusion of either lesser known or just-coming-into-their-popularity characters, "Injustice 2" looks to bring a lot more to the table. Join us today as CBR takes a look at 15 new characters we can't wait to try out in what looks to be an incredibly exciting game that will take us to all corners of the DC Universe.



Thanks to the "Injustice 2" trailers, Brainiac has been revealed as the main antagonist of the game. We don't yet know the circumstances of his arrival, but he looks to be the one who comes down on Earth and enters the fray as a third party that just may very well threaten every living being on the planet. We've only just seen footage of his gameplay and we can't help but be excited by his set of powers and attacks that look to be quite different from the others. The tentacles alone make him one hell of a creepy, dangerous opponent.

As one of Superman's biggest villains, one who has always proven tough to meddle with, it will be interesting for comic book fans to see how Brainiac responds to this different version of Superman in the story, but also how a totalitarian, murderous Superman deals with a Brainiac who comes to Earth looking to enslave the entire planet. This Superman isn't prone to holding back, which means we could get to see an even darker, more dangerous version of Brainiac to pose an actual threat. Whatever the case, we imagine it's going to be brutal.



In the first "Injustice" game, we played as Green LanternHal Jordan and we played as Sinestro. Both were great fun to play and gave us just a bit of a taste of what having an actual ring of power would actually be like. Now that Atrocitus, the Red Lantern from space sector 666, is poised to make his grand and visceral entrance in the Injustice world, we are excited at the prospect of trying on a new power ring, one that is seemingly very different from the others we know.

Fueled by rage, Atrocitus is a brute and a formidable opponent. As of yet, it's unclear how he will factor into the story, but we doubt he has come to Earth to make friends. It's a safe bet that he will find himself more on his own side than anyone else's and there won't be many heroes able to stop him. In our control, Atrocitus will bring his rage wherever we aim it, and the acid blood will spew from his mouth in a terrifying display that will leave our opponents frightened. Move over, Green and Yellow. There's a new color in town.



Black Canary is the first of many new female characters added to the roster of "Injustice 2." After appearing on The CW's "Arrow" for the better part of four seasons in one form or another and consequently becoming all the more recognizable and popular, it only makes sense to have her become a part of "Injustice 2." Dinah Lance has always had a strong moral code and we can't wait to see where this will lead her in the fight against Superman.

As a metahuman, Black Canary has a powerful weapon at her disposal in the form of her canary cry, a devastating sonic scream that can level anything in its path. But Dinah Lance isn't just defined by this power she possesses. She is also an accomplished hand-to-hand fighter; one of the DC Universe's best, in fact. This all leads to the inevitable conclusion that Black Canary will be a great character to play, mixing martial arts skills with super-human screams that will leave us speechless.



The Blue Beetle gets his powers from an alien Scarab attached to his back. It can generate an armor not unlike the one Tony Stark has in his Iron Man suits, but one that is more responsive to its wearer. It functions almost like a second skin and it can enable Blue Beetle with the ability to fly and create blade weapons and canons, in a manner that is similar to Cyborg. The only problem is that the Scarab has a bit of a mind of its own and can sometimes prove to be a struggle to control.

Created as a destructive weapon, the Scarab found its way into Jaime Reyes, a kind, good-hearted and heroic kid that seeks to use this power to help people. In the Injustice world, Jaime's quest to control the Scarab will lead him to Batman's side of the conflict, the side that fights and resists against Superman's control. This choice makes sense for a character as good as Jaime, and it will be interesting to see everything the Blue Beetle can do to win this fight.



As one of the Flash's main Rogues, Captain Cold has always been a fan-favorite character. His unique code of honor and morals have set him apart from most villains of the DC Universe and turned this hero/villain dynamic into one of its most fascinating. With the arrival of Captain Cold on the CW's "The Flash," and subsequently "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," Wentworth Miller slipped easily into the character's devious shoes and instantly made him, in true Captain Cold fashion, a fan-favorite.

The character's never been in the spotlight like this before, which makes this the perfect time to include him in the "Injustice 2" video game. Now, players will get the chance to put the parka and glasses on and see just what it feels like to work that very special cold gun. It will be easy to first pit him against the Flash in a classic face-off, but we also look forward to seeing how a human-level character like him holds up against the likes of some very powerful, godlike opponents.



Cheetah is a character that has been around for a very long time. She has often been depicted as the opposite of Wonder Woman and one of her main antagonists, especially in many animated ventures like the "LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes" movies, the "Justice League" series and the "Justice League: Doom" movie. Besides, she has been prominently featured in the most recent volume of the "Wonder Woman" comic books under the "Rebirth" banner, in a story that revised her origin as well as her relationship to Wonder Woman.

Instantly recognizable even to casual fans, the inclusion of Cheetah in the "Injustice" sequel is an inspired choice that should lead to some very destructive feline action. Quick on her paws and armed with razor-sharp claws, we know she will be absolutely vicious, and there is no doubt in our minds that playing as Cheetah will be the first selection for those looking to unleash a bit of their inner animal. Wonder Woman fans better watch out, because there's a new cat in the house.



After having a starring role in 2016's "Suicide Squad," Deadshot has become one of the most recognizable new villains of the DCEU. While before he was more of a fan-favorite niche character, Will Smith helped elevate his status to the more mainstream public. In fact, it's no surprise that the character's basic design in "Injustice 2" is fairly reminiscent of Deadshot's appearance in the "Suicide Squad" movie.

As Floyd Lawton, players will see what it's like to be the DCU's deadliest sharpshooter. Contrary to the first game's Deathstroke and his slashing sword attacks mixed with machine gun assaults, Deadshot is a character who solely focuses on his guns. There are no swords to be used here, although there may be a knife hidden somewhere in his arsenal. His dual wrist blasters look to be a blast to use (pun intended) and we are intrigued as to what that giant rifle on his back can do. Once fully customized, there just might be no stopping Floyd Lawton.



Firestorm has had a leading role on our television screens for the last three years, first as Ronnie Raymond on "The Flash" and then as a new character created specifically for "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," Jefferson Jackson. Both, however, shared the same half of Firestorm in Professor Martin Stein. With his inclusion on both shows, Firestorm has seen a veritable (power) surge in popularity, one that has led to him being featured as a playable character in "Injustice 2."

This time around, comic book character Jason Rusch is accompanied by Stein to become the nuclear man. In the comics and on the screen, we've seen Firestorm fly, shoot fire, manipulate energy and even transmute matter. These are all things that we can't wait to do ourselves in the game, no matter who is on the receiving end. Firestorm is a justifiably powerful character and his involvement in Batman's resistance may just turn the tide of the fight.



“Not God... Grodd.” A simple line that made every comic book fan shiver back in the first season of "The Flash," and one that served to define the character in three simple words. As a telepathic gorilla hellbent of mankind's extinction, it will always be hard to satisfyingly portray Grodd on the small screen. It just may be that the perfect medium to bring Grodd to life is the video game platform. And so, in "Injustice 2," we will finally get to see Grodd uncaged and doing what he does best.

As a fighter, there is little doubt that he can bring the carnage. He's a gorilla. He's big, he's fast and he's got a roar that can make anyone shake in their boots. While his telepathy might be useful in the comic books and television appearances, we don't think they will have much use as far as fighting powers go, which means that Grodd could be a true brute of a character, one whose blows deal heavy damage and one very hard to put down. We simply can't wait to pit him against powerful characters, who, unlike him, really do qualify as gods.



Damian Wayne may not be everyone's favorite character to don the Robin cape, but he is certainly the most intriguing and morally complex of them all. Raised by Talia Al Ghul and the League of Assassins, there is a darkness to Damian that he and his father Bruce Wayne both work hard to try and contain. That is why seeing him join Superman's side of the conflict in "Injustice 2" will be so fascinating to watch.

In the "Injustice" universe, Superman is not shy of killing someone if that person represents a threat, and with Damian having grown up struggling to follow his father's moral code, seeing him embracing what he was born to do will make him a very fierce opponent. From what we have seen of his gameplay, he looks to be even deadlier than Batman and with just as many weapons in his utility belt... with the added bonus of a sword and all the skills of an Assassin. If anything, this game may just work to turn Damian into everyone's favorite Robin.



As Scarecrow, Jonathan Crane has appeared in "Arkham Asylum" and "Arkham City" as a side-villain and in "Arkham Knight" as one the game's main antagonists. Armed with his fear gas, he has always been a very real threat to Batman and Gotham City as a whole. But with the arrival of "Injustice 2," this will be the first chance that users have to play as the villain instead of being on the receiving end of his nightmares.

This time around, the players will not feel fear. They will be the ones to unleash it. The character's design is even scarier than he was in the "Arkham" games, to the point that he almost looks more like a giant demon monster than an actual man. For this game, Scarecrow is also armed with a large chained hook to deal even more damage to his opponents and, from the look of things, he will be able to drag them into a world of nightmares and terror in a very special attack that we can't wait to try out.


Supergirl is at the height of her popularity. Brilliantly and joyously portrayed by Melissa Benoist on The CW, her television show is well into its second season and already confirmed for a third. She is also one of the main characters of the "DC Super Hero Girls," a line of animation, books and toys aimed to bring DC's most popular female characters to a younger generation of fans, and she is back in the comic book spotlight in the "Rebirth" event of DC Comics.

In fact, she is such a newly prominent character that she was featured in the game's cinematic trailers, as well as being front and center on the Digital Deluxe Edition cover art of "Injustice 2." The focus on the character speaks volumes about where Supergirl is right now, and it also promises that she will be one of the main characters of this game. We very much look forward to seeing how her fighting style differs from her fellow Kryptonian Superman, and how she can hold her own against her cousin in a fight that everyone will be looking forward to.



As one of the DC Universe's most prominent magic users, we very much look forward to what dynamic Doctor Fate will bring to the Injustice table, whether story-wise or action-wise. We've seen a taste of the magical in the first "Injustice" game with Shazam, Black Adam and Raven, but Doctor Fate looks to be something else entirely. In fact, his special attack, which seems to lead his opponents into the Tower of Fate, is nothing short of spectacular, and an especially nice nod to fans of the character.

Mostly recognized to comic fans as a member of the Justice Society of America, Doctor Fate has made brief appearances in animated form, but never in a starring capacity. The developers' decision to feature Fate as a playable character is an inspired choice, seeing as he could have easily been dropped in favor of a more recognizable character. We can only hope that his inclusion in the game and his oncoming surge in popularity will lead to a whole lot more Doctor Fate goodness in the near future.



Swamp Thing is a creature unique to the DC Universe. He's a monster, one who looks scary to those who don't know him, but also a great hero and a guardian. He is the protector of all plant life in the world and he doesn't take his job lightly. With his connection to the Green, he is incredibly powerful and can more than hold his own against the likes of Superman. The fact that he is included in this game shows that the developers really are mining every dark corner of the DC Universe for playable characters.

We don't yet know the circumstances that will bring him to join the "Injustice" story or which side of the conflict he will take in the story, but whomever has him on his side, Batman or Superman, one thing is certain: they will have a very powerful ally in their midst. Not only can't we wait to play as the elemental creature, we also foresee that he will become a fan-favorite playable character -- just like Aquaman in the previous game -- and that people who are less familiar with the character will want to know a lot more about him.



There is a very long history between the Flash and the Reverse-Flash, a rivalry that spans time and space itself. It was made the very focus of the spectacular first season of "The Flash" series, where Eobard Thawne was brought on as the main villain of the story. The character then became more popular than he had ever been, and that only continued to grow as Eobard was made the leader of the Legion of Doom in "DC's Legends of Tomorrow."

Now that he is a playable character in the game, a premiere skin that can be applied to the Flash character, we can't wait to head into the speed-force and run in the shoes of a maniacal super-villain. Whether we go toe-to-toe against The Flash himself or bring the super-speed pain to Superman, Batman or any other hero, it seems that nothing will be able to stand in our way. Reverse-Flash has always proven to be a powerful character, one that could hold his own against the entire Justice League, and we believe he could be one of the most powerful in the entire game.

Which characters are YOU most excited to play as? Let us know in the comments!

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