'Initial D' manga inspires Toyota's new concept car

With an eight-year run under its belt, the "Initial D" manga was a bona fide hit in Japan, where the care driven by protagonist Takumi Fujiwara is so iconic that it's being remixed and updated by Toyota.

The new one-off concept car is actually a retrofitted Toyota GT86, which itself was inspired by the Corolla GT Coupe, otherwise known as the AE86, of "Initial D" fame, according to Toyota. The custom concept comes directly from Toyota's U.K. special projects department.

"With this 'Initial D' concept we not only acknowledge how important the AE86 was in influencing Toyota's modern approach to sports cars, but also demonstrate how the GT86 can be aesthetically and dynamically improved with relatively simple aftermarket accessories," said Joe Clifford of the special projects team.

The car itself emulates not only the black-and-white, panda-like exterior of the fictional vehicle, but also the much-venerated innards. The means the wheels, suspension, exhaust system strut brace and carbon fiber bonnet from the original manga are all present and accounted for, among other goodies.

"Initial D" follows Fujiwara's rise from local part-time racer, part-time tofu delivery boy to a speedster of national renown, all from behind the wheel of his AE86. Aside from its "Initial D" ties, the AE86 is known for inspiring a generation of drift racers in Japan, and has been featured in numerous video games, from "Gran Turismo" to "Need for Speed: The Run."

Because the car is a concept, it won't be available for purchase, but it will be on display at various car shows in Britain throughout the summer.

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